About Us

Hey, my name is Steffanie Brewer, I’m the creator of COMFORT MASSAGERS. I always love to enjoy & spend time with something comfortable. It would be anything. Especially I like to relax when I have free time. I created this blog back in 2020.

The question may arise in your mind why I created this blog, Yes, I’ve created this blog for sharing massaging resources to the people who would like to use easy massage techniques and guides.

Life is busy, and it’s more and more difficult to stick with a healthy lifestyle every day. Whilst comfort massagers do not solve this, I do believe they go a long way to help, with de-stressing and helping us relax, something I’m sure we can all agree we probably need to do more of!

That’s exactly why I created ComfortMassagers.com – a place to share body massaging advice, tips, and of course, review the latest and greatest Body Massagers on the market today.

I write most information and reviews from my own experience and some from massage therapists, technicians, and medical experts who are more experienced in this industry. 

In product review posts, my writer & I strictly research every product before listing in our product review posts. So, you’ll get quality information from us to enhance your whole massaging experience.