11 Reasons You Should Exercise After a Massage!

Working out after a massage has many benefits. It helps you flush the toxins from your muscles and boosts circulation, which can help speed up your recovery time. Plus, it’s just one more way to get in shape. After a massage, you will have more energy and feel better. You can work out to make sure that your muscles are not tense.

In this blog post, we will discuss 11 reasons why you should exercise after getting a massage.

Exercise after massage

What are the reasons/benefits of working out after a massage

Below are the top 11 common reasons for working out after a massage.

  • Stretching the muscles can help relieve pain and stiffness.
  • Working out after a massage will flush toxins from your muscles, which helps speed up recovery time.
  • Exercise, like running, will release endorphins into your body. These are chemicals that make you feel happy. This can help you sleep better.
  • Engaging in physical activity is said to make people feel better and less stressed. After a tough day at work or an emotional session with friends, it’s always nice to take some time for yourself by working out. This not only increases self-esteem but promotes overall happiness as well!
  • If you don’t feel like working out, get a massage. It will make you feel better.
  • A regular workout routine after getting a massage improves sleep quality, which leads to more restful nights!
  • Regular workouts also lead to better circulation and increased metabolism. The end result is that it’s easier for those who maintain a consistent workout regimen to lose weight and keep it off long term.
  • Working out right before bedtime may cause difficulties in falling asleep.
  • Working out right before bedtime may cause you to have trouble sleeping. This means that your body does not get enough deep sleep for healing and repair.
  • Working out too close to bedtime will increase cortisol levels (the “stress hormone” that can keep us up) and decrease melatonin production. This can disrupt your natural circadian rhythm, leading to insomnia or poor quality sleep!
  • Doctors also suggest trying a short walk or other light activity if you have trouble getting enough exercise during the day.

How long should I wait before working out after a massage?

This answer is up to you and your massage therapist, but a good rule of thumb would be at least 30 minutes. You can start with light walking or stretching that gradually builds intensity as the muscles warm up.

What type of workout should I do post-massage?

If you want to have a relaxing post-massage experience, then opt for an activity that is both light and low impact. Gentle yoga or Pilates class will suffice for those who are looking to achieve more muscle stimulation.

How often can you work out post-massage without risking injury or over-training?

Typically, you should only work out post-massage three to four times a week. If you’re feeling sore or fatigued from your massage session, take one day off and wait until the next for some exercise.

You can start with light walking or stretching that gradually builds intensity as the muscles warm up.

We hope you have gotten the best answer to the question: should I work out after a massage now?


Exercise after a Massage

Is it better after a workout or before it?

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