S Track Vs L Track Massage Chair: Which One Should You Choose?

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S track Vs L track massage chair best comparison.

There are a lot of massage chair options in today’s market. It can be overwhelming to try and figure out which one is the best fit for you. The benefits of each type will differ, so it’s important that you know what to look for when comparing them. 

In this article, we’ll go over the difference between an S track and I track massage chair, as well as their pros and cons. So that it will be easy for you to decide which one you should use or not.

S Track Vs l Track: Overview

A track is the type of massage a person receives. The first thing to note is that there are two types of massage chairs: an “S” track and a “L” track. The difference between the two is found in their design.

Also, the l-track will give soft soothing strokes, while the S-track gives deep pressure to relieve pain and tension from sore muscles.

S Track Vs l Track: How These Works?

An S-track chair has the rollers on the inside of its backrest, while an l-track chair has them on the outside. The shape of the rollers also changes, so an S-track chair has a straight roller while l track chairs have curved ones.

s track vs l track roller massage chair

This is important because it affects what kind of massage it’ll give you. For example, if your shoulders and back are really tight, then an “S” track might not be good for you, as that type of chair’s rollers would push on your back as they run up and down.

Whereas, an “l” track is better in this situation because the curve of those rollers will be more comfortable for someone who needs deep tissue massage.

S Track Vs l Track: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of S Track –

  • It provides more pressure on the back than l track.
  • This can be good for people with a tight, sore lower back or other pain in that area.
  • The rollers also give more concentrated massage to those areas as they run up and down your spine which is perfect for stubborn knots that are hard to reach.
  • More pressure on the shoulders and neck than an l track massage chair. 
  • The shoulder rollers can help relieve tension in those areas, which are often sore from sitting at your desk all day or lifting weights.

Advantages of L Track – 

  • Easier access to deeper muscle tissue & lower back. 
  • The rollers are wider than on a S track and they run along your back rather than up and down.
  • Easier to use for people with more sensitive skin, those recovering from an injury or other medical condition that affects their ability to get full pressure in certain areas of the body, or anyone with limited mobility.

Disadvantages of S Track Massage Chair

  • The S track chair is significantly more expensive than the L track model.
  • Some people feel that they need to have a softer massage experience, which means less pressure can be applied with an S-track design.

Disadvantages of L Track – 

  • The rollers are wider, which means they can’t be positioned as closely to your spine. 
  • Lack of shoulder support, which may lead to more discomfort in those areas since there is no padding to soften the edges of the rollers.
  • Decreased access to deeper tissue massage because it’s difficult to reach all areas on your back with a L track chair.
  • The weight limit is reduced.
  • The L track cannot be used as an inversion table, which limits the types of exercises you can do when using it.
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In Conclusion

L Track massages are often better for those who weigh up to 350 pounds and require more pressure on their deeper muscle tissue & lower back.

S Track massages are best for those who need more pressure and want to use the chair as an inversion table, or have a high budget.

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