Sharper Image Deep Tissue Massager Review 2024

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You may be experiencing pains and aches after working a long day. Would you like to relax yet still feel fresh the next day? The Sharp Image Deep Tissue Massager would be ideal for you.

The device is a powerful muscle stimulator that can relieve pain, reduce stress, increase circulation, and improve your mood. A patented massage roller provides variable speeds to target trigger points where necessary.

Furthermore, it has an extendable handle so you can reach those hard-to-reach places on your back. Additionally, this item includes a complimentary e-book on how to utilize the massager and tips on reducing stress in other ways.

Sharper Image Deep Tissue Massager Review & Guides

sharper image powerboost deep tissue percussion massager
Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Sharper Image has been making deep tissue massagers for many years. When I go to Walmart, Home Depot, or even a local grocery store, I find them always on sale for about $50-$150 with a 2-year warranty, that’s why I consider this a good deal since most personal massagers cost between $80-$200.

I have been using it for a couple of months now, and I am delighted with it. Therefore, I decided to research the Internet and see what other people thought. I found that this massager is very powerful and has several settings to select from.

The attachments are also excellent as they allow you to do a complete full-body workout for approximately 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no information on battery life, but it does take a standard 9-volt battery, so you can carry it wherever you go.

In my opinion, this is the perfect personal massager for those who are on a tight budget but still want something powerful.

I do not like only this massager because it vibrates so strongly that it tickles if you place it on your legs or arms. I just placed a pillow on my lap, which resolved the problem. Not too bad.

I would recommend this massager to anyone who needs to relax their muscles. This is because it will provide you with a relaxing deep tissue massage without breaking your bank or taking up much space.

Below are some core features of Sharper Image deep tissue massager:

sharper image massager

Attachments: This is the only massage gun used on any body part. It has variable strength and comes with 5 interchangeable attachments to target your different needs: ball, flat, bar, fork, and cone.

Recovery of the entire body: This massager is ideal for relieving tension in any part of your body. You can use this product to treat sore muscles after working hard all day or after an intense exercise session.

Lightweight And Portable: Unlike other massage guns on the market, the Powerboost utilizes an industrial-grade motor that is whisper quiet, enabling you to use it anywhere without disturbing others.

Brushless Motor: You will never need to replace the motor. The Powerboost deep tissue massager is made with the highest quality bearings, and it does not require any complicated maintenance.

Compact Power: You can recharge the massager using AC or DC power sources. As a result, if you do not have an electrical outlet available, you may charge it using a laptop or AC to USB adapter.

The massage gun comes with a rechargeable battery that can last between 50 and 60 minutes per charge. The product is made in China but is of excellent quality! I was surprised by how quiet it was.

Who Can Use This Massager?

The Sharper Image Powerboost deep tissue massager is suitable for many different people. It comes with several attachments that allow the massager to be used in various ways.

Below are some of the different types of individuals who can benefit from this device:

Musicians: If you play an instrument, the power boost deep muscle massager is right for you! It will help reduce stiffness in your hands and fingers after prolonged use.

Golfers: If you are a golfer, the power boost muscle massager is a must-have! It features a bar attachment ideal for relaxing your shoulders and upper back after a long day on the golf course.

People who travel: Whether you are traveling by car, bus, or train, this product fits into almost any bag. You can use it anywhere and keep your muscles relaxed and healthy.

Anyone with sore or tired muscles: The power boost deep muscle massager is designed for anyone with sore or tired muscles. This device comes with five different attachments that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Home Massage Therapists: It is suitable for people who want to start their own massage business! You can order samples of the different attachments and see which one works best for you.

People with active lifestyles: If you like to be outside and active, the power boost deep muscle massager is for you! You can use it anywhere to loosen up your muscles after spending the day hiking or biking.

deep tissue percussion massager serper image

Pros and Cons of Sharper Image Deep Tissue Massager:


  • It has a smooth handle that is easy to hold and grip.
  • The device is great for massaging your shoulders, neck, and upper back.
  • It takes a long time for the device to overheat.


  • The charging cord length is very short
  • No way of turning it off other than unplugging from the outlet. To be safe, I suggest unplugging it after every use.


Powerboost massagers are among the most effective massage tools on the market today. It is simple to reach your back and other hard-to-reach areas with its long handle.

This device also has a variety of attachments that allow you to use it in many different ways. Also, this is a must-have for anyone who owns an instrument or participates in any sport.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to leave your opinions below!

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I'm Bobby Taylor, a yoga enthusiast, and writer. I live in New York City, & currently studying at Columbia University. I am also a practitioner of several different healing modalities.

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