What is Rolfing Massage? Its Benefits and Side Effects

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People have been using different massages for centuries as a way to relax the body and cure illnesses. One type of massage is called Rolfing, but many people have never heard about this massage technique. So, you may be wondering about this popular massage technique.

Here, I will share what is rolfing massage, how much does rolfing costs, how it is performed, and what the benefits of rolfing are.

What is rolfing massage?

Rolfing is a bodywork technique that was created by Ida Rolf in the early 20th century. This massage type focuses on releasing pain and restoring proper alignment of your spine, joints, and tissue.

Using this specific technique, rolfing can help relieve muscle tension and release stress at the same time.

Also, this massage type is considered a deep tissue massage, according to Sam Rolf, “this technique addresses the fascia or connective tissue throughout the body.”

Benefits of rolfing massage

Rolfing Massage Technique

According to Sam Rolf, “rolfing has many benefits for the body and mind”. He has explained that “frequent rolfing treatments will release muscle tension, improve range of motion in joints and flexibility of the muscles.”

It can also help improve posture of the body as well as proper breathing. Those who participate in this type of massage usually have an overall sense of well-being.

However, many who participate in this massage technique enjoy a number of positive results. After several sessions, they will feel more flexible and have less pain in the body.

Besides, many people use this type of bodywork for back pain, neck pain, elbow pain, and knee pain. Rolfing can also be effective for releasing stress and anxiety to help you relax.

Disadvantages of rolfing massage

Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of rolfing massage. While this technique seems to be ideal for those who participate in it, but there are a few drawbacks that you should know. One drawback is that the process hurts.

As the massage therapist moves your body into different positions, it may feel like they are taking the skin off of your back or stretching you to the point where you fear for a moment that you might be ripped apart.

However, according to Sam Rolf, “these sensations are temporary and will go away as long as you continue with your treatment schedule.”

Oftentimes, it is difficult to find time in our busy schedules for this massage type. This is especially true if you are working several hours a day and trying to finish your schoolwork on top of that. Rolf says, “this massage type may not make sense for everyone, but it can be very beneficial.”

Is rolfing legit?

Rolfing works to create and maintain a healthy body. It can also help you to give the proper mind a rest from daily stress. In fact, many people who participate in this type of massage say that not only does the process make their bodies feel great, but they feel noticeably calmer as well.

However, rolfing is legit when it is performed by a licensed and certified Rolfer.

How much does rolfing massage costs?

While rolfing is a different form of massage therapy, that does not mean you will have to break the bank in order to get relief. Many people enjoy this technique for back pain and neck pain because it helps them save money.

How often do I need rolfing massage?

Sam Rolf explains that “usually his clients return after 1-5 sessions per week for the first month. This allows them to get used to the different positions and really start feeling the benefit of their treatment.

After the body adjusting to the process, Rolfing can be done once or twice a week in order to maintain balance and keep your muscles from tightening up.

However, Sam Rolf says that “this frequency can be determined by your massage therapist, depending on how you feel after each session”.

The Bottom Line

Rolfing is a deep tissue massage that focuses on releasing pain and restoring proper alignment of the spine, joints, and tissue. It can also help to give the mind a rest from daily stress.

The process may hurt those who participate in it but the sensations are temporary as long as they continue with their treatment schedule.

However, not everyone can enjoy this type of bodywork because it hurts too much at times. So if you’re looking for relief without breaking the bank then Rolfing might be something worth considering.

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