6 Best Real Relax Massage Chair Reviews 2021 + Best Alternatives

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Everyone loves to get a relaxing massage. But is getting a professional massage using any ordinary chair possible? We are quite doubtful here. That’s why, after a long and hectic day, you need to relax with a good massage chair

Real relax massage chairs are renowned for providing the most comfortable experience among all other massage chairs. To make your choice easier, we have brought the Real Relax massage chair review in today’s discussion. With no further ado, let’s get started with the reviews! 

Top 6 Real Relax Massage Chair Review- Everything in Detail

Real Relax 2020 Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair With Led Light & Bluetooth

In this era, nothing is more interesting than a unique and smart feature. Therefore, Real Relax Shiatsu massage chair offers a Bluetooth audio play feature. You can listen to soulful audio while having the best calming time.

The smart Bluetooth feature impressed us, and the sound quality is impressive as well. This chair steps ahead when the talk is about functionality. With 6 auto modes and changing Led light, it becomes more fun to use. 

The 8 massage neck back rollers help to reduce any kind of back pain. Users can control the speed and strength of massaging for up to 3 levels. Also, features like body rollers and 50 airbags are in certain areas for your full body massage. So no matter if the pain is in your upper or lower back, the fullest support is ready for you. 

Alongside, you will receive 400 pounds of weight capacity from this chair. The weight capacity helps overweight people a lot. It is made in a way so that you don’t even feel the weight of the chair. People who deal with severe back pain can leave a sigh of relief using this chair. 

You will be able to set a timer for 30 minutes, so it is needless to move and set up anything. To conclude, you will have everything ready in this chair for superior relaxation. 


  • Ensured comfort 
  • Adjustable massaging level 
  • 6 auto massage programs included 
  • Bluetooth system available 


  • Wheels are is bent in the backside

Best Alternative: Zero Gravity Heat Function Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

Looking for a premium quality chair? Here you go with this model. The main massage techniques of this chair include 3D hand massage rollers that can travel from place to place. You will get the choice of adjusting the speed and intensity. So, the ultimate power is in your hands.

The major benefit that a massage does to your body is better blood circulation. This chair assures your better blood circulation with its body scan technology. Body scan technology is a newer addition that most of the chairs lack. 

You will get more pumped with the back heating feature. Moreover, the included back heating system also puts a lot of effort into the blood circulation. From your neck to thighs, no place will be left from getting the extraordinary massaging. 

No more getting bored with usual massage set-ups. This chair offers 6 preset auto programs, so you will get a variety of options to choose from. You can switch to any mode that you like. Even it includes sleep massaging, can you believe it? 

As this chair has robotic hands, you will feel that a real human is massaging you; maybe even in a better way! Another unique feature that it includes is the foot roller, which will ensure a better feeling in your feet as well. All these unique features make this recliner an amazing chair to grab.


  • Supreme adjustability 
  • Included 6 preset auto programs
  • Bluetooth Audio playable feature 
  • Saves space 


  • Intense foot rollers 

Thai Yoga Stretch Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Faux leather is an incredible material for durability in massage chairs. If you prefer durability and smart looks, this chair will be an excellent choice for you. You can place this chair anywhere because it has a space-saving facility.

The main stress-relieving procedure that masseurs use is to relieve the pressure from our spine. But it is difficult to get from the massage chairs accurately. Surprisingly, you will get the spine pressure reduction technology from this chair. 

Airbags are super helpful for reducing body pain. This chair has air massage features for your entire body. When you sit on it, you can get rid of any mitigating pain and muscle soreness within the least time. Professional massaging methods of this chair won’t let you feel that you are on your own. 

Shiatsu massage is a Chinese special massage that masseurs perform using finger pressure. Though it is tough to get the exact shiatsu massaging experience from an automated chair, you will get the real feeling from this Real Relax massage chair.

Lastly, here you will get 6 presets with the adjustability of intensity and pressure. It offers the highest customization option to the users’. You can place the three airbags anywhere you feel suitable for a better experience. So whether you feel pain in your shoulder or feet, your massage chair will reach there. 


  • Reduces body soreness 
  • Helps with Shiatsu massage
  • Sensible massage experience 
  • Better preset adjustability 


  • May make sound

Best Alternative: Thai Stretch, Zero Gravity Space-Saving Massage Chair By iRest

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 3D Robots Massage Chair

Depending on a massage chair can be annoying if it doesn’t offer multiple presets. That’s why this chair brought 6 massaging ways for you. You can roam around on all 6 and pick whichever you prefer.

You will get a timer setting option of 15 minutes. So you can set the timer and relax, the chair will stop massaging after 15 minutes. One unique feature that it includes is the “waist” button. This button massages in a rocking motion which is ideal for full-body relaxation. 

Ever heard of getting the yoga experience from a massage chair? Well, bless yourself! This chair includes a yoga stretch feature for you. Along with the weightless feeling, you can now stretch like being in a yoga position. It’s like getting everything in a place. 

There is no place left in this chair where you will find the airbags. So it is made perfectly for pressurizing your every body part with 50 airbags. Each of your body parts will fit in the airbags perfectly for maximum pressure. This chair is made for grownups. 

With great value, the high-definition Bluetooth sound system is quite impressive if you are a music lover, it will surely add up a point for you. You will be more surprised because it includes the remote control feature that many of the chairs do not offer at such a cheap price. 


  • Impressive quality 
  • Yoga stretch feature 
  • More usage of airbags 
  • Remote control feature 


  • May create a motor sound 

Real Relax 2020 3D Massage Chair

Ever met a massager that works as a recliner as well? If not, here is the one for you. This massage chair works both as a recliner and a massage chair at a time, and therefore you won’t have to buy any additional reclining chair for your daily comfortable sitting.

You can watch television and shows sitting on it and also have an amazing massage at the same time. Moreover, the ergonomic design enhances the interior look. With the combination of 3D robot Hands and SL-TRACK, the enjoyment becomes bigger. 

Of course, massage chairs are meant for comfort. If you are seeking a chair that will provide the best comfort along with a zero gravitation feature, this one steps ahead in that case as well. The zero gravitation design will make you feel weightless when you sit on it. 

Better adjustability is what people chase for a realistic massage experience from massaging chairs. This one includes Computer body scan technology to scan through your entire body and understand your size. Afterward, it adjusts the back roller accordingly. So you will get the service specially meant for your size and shape, isn’t it amazing? 

Last but not least, the pricing. All these features are available at the least possible price that you can imagine. To tell the truth, you will never get a massaging chair with reclining facilities at such an affordable price. It will be a total win-win condition if you grab this chair. 


  • Affordable price
  • High-quality material 
  • Sturdy body 
  • Includes the computer body scan technology


  • Doesn’t include an area-specific massaging technique

Alternative: SL Track, Zero Gravity Body Massage Chair By iRest

S-Track Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

You certainly met a lot of incredible massage chairs from real relax by now, but this one is unique. First, the color is very smart for matching any interior design. The promising built quality adds more value to it.

You will receive two different modes from this chair. That means it serves a two-in-one service. You can set it up as a rocking chair mode and also as a Thai stretch mode. So you won’t have to buy different chairs for different purposes, this one will meet your every need. 

The whole chair is filled with 50 airbags. From your neck and shoulder to your feet, you will have airbags pressed everywhere. All you have to do is just set up your preferable mode and relax! 

The chair will give you a 3D hand rollers massage as well. You can adjust the width of these rollers for up to 3 stages. So if you are a grown man, you can set up the width accordingly. It also includes a heating service for better blood circulation. 

You will extraordinarily feel the relaxation with its built-in Bluetooth sound system. The HD quality sound will never let you feel that you need to buy additional speakers. Overall, the service seemed to be very promising to us. 


  • Ergonomic design 
  • Adjustable rollers width 
  • HD sound system 
  • Includes two different modes 


  • Average durability 

In Conclusion

By now, we hope that our real Relax massage chair review has been entirely beneficial for you. Now all you have to do is to consider your preference and then pick up the right chair for you. Hopefully, each of these chairs will be equally beneficial for you. Best of luck!

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