What is a Combination Massage?

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Have you ever wondered about what is a combination massage? A combination massage can be described as a full body massage, with the addition of using different techniques. This type of massage incorporates two or more styles, and each style may have its own set of benefits for your health and well-being.

So, if you are interested in what this might feel like or want to learn more about the benefits of receiving a combination massage, then continue reading this post!

What is a combination massage?

A combination massage is a type of therapeutic massage that blends the best features from various types of massage therapy into one session. A combination massage can incorporate deep tissue, Swedish, and Thai techniques in order to address your specific needs.

Combination massages are beneficial for those who have chronic pain or discomfort as they work with muscle knots and tightness which leads to relief for many people.

The technique is where you use gentle pressure on muscles and then do an active stretch. This way you can relax even more deeply.

However, this should be done gently so not to aggravate any pre-existing injuries or worsen existing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome without consulting a medical professional first!

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Benefits of a combination massage

The benefits of having a combination massage include:

  • Muscle relaxation: Oftentimes, a combination massage will address the muscle tension and tightness in your body. 
  • Less stress: If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious from work or life stresses, then it’s time for an appointment with one of the experienced therapists. 
  • Decrease inflammation: A combination massage has been shown to decrease inflammatory responses because it helps ease muscle tension. 
  • More energy: If you’re feeling sluggish and tired from work or life stresses, then this may be just what your body needs!
  • Greater sense of balance: A combination massage is known to provide more mobility throughout the spine due to increased circulation thanks to either compression or stretching techniques. 
  • Less anxiety: When we are anxious on some level, our bodies are constantly in a state of “fight.” This is what happens when you get that knot in your stomach, heart racing, and feel like you’re about to pass out. A combination massage can help with the release of endorphins from deep within, meaningless anxiety!
  • More flexibility: Think about it – if someone has knots, they’ll have less flexibility. There will be tightness and pain when the person tries to move around or stretches their muscles because of those knots in place. A combination massage can help release all that tension feeling better!
  • More happy: Feeling happier doesn’t just happen – it takes a little work! And what better way to feel your best than with some deep tissue massage? A combination of both types can help increase circulation, release endorphins, and can even boost serotonin levels, which will make you more energetic and feel happy.

Who should get one and how often they should go for treatment?

  • Anyone can get a massage, but if you’re in the habit of getting one, then it would be best to schedule treatments at least once every month. This will help keep your body healthy and balanced all year round!
  • If you want to see some major improvements, try going for two or three sessions per week. It’s always important to realize that each session will be different than the last. So if you’re going for multiple sessions, then it’s best to plan them with at least a week in between.
  • If you have chronic problems or need more intensive treatment, schedule as many treatments per week as your doctor recommends and be sure not to miss any of them!

FAQs Combination Massage

Below are some FAQs of combination massage

What is the best way to prepare for a massage?

A: You’ll want to make sure you are well hydrated before your appointment. Bring any medications or supplements that you need with you and also include some snacks if needed!

Is there anything I shouldn’t do after getting a massage?

A: Some people feel really tired following their session. So it’s important not to drive right away, do heavy exercise, or drink alcohol until your energy levels return to normal. It would be smart too not get pregnant within about two weeks of receiving treatment as this can increase risk of miscarriage.

Am I supposed to tip my masseuse/masseur?

A: A client typically pays at the end of the massage, so tipping is up to you. If you feel like your masseuse/masseur did a great job, it’s always nice to leave them with something extra!

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