Best Type of Massage After Car Accidents

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Are you a victim of a car accident? Wondering what type of massage you should get? Want to know about the best type of massage after car accidents that will help you recover faster? You are in the right place.

Car accidents are among one of the leading causes of critical injuries and death. Each year, approximately 1.5 million deaths and injuries occur all over the world. The accidents also result in a downside to economic growth.

Many individuals who suffer from critical injuries need a massage to restore their good health. There are a lot of options when it comes to types of massages.

Today, we will discuss the best type of massage after car accidents. Also, there will be some special mentions of other alternative massages you can go for.

How long should I wait to get a massage after a car accident?

Well, you should not delay your massage therapy. As long as you can walk with ease, you should have it ASAP. Getting a massage helps you improve faster than you can imagine. A good massage helps reduce stress; so, the post-traumatic stress you encounter will pass sooner. Also, lingering with your pain might only worsen the side effects of the accidental injuries.

3 Best type of massage after car accidents

Truth be told, there are a lot of available options. But, let’s talk about the ones that are among the best.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: A deep tissue massage helps relax the deep tissue. It reduces chronic pain a great. Besides, it also helps increase one’s range of motion. People consider it to be quite therapeutic. Deep tissue massage ensures great relaxation and improves the coping mechanism of the body. One thirty-minute session of it increases the levels of serotonin.
  • Swedish Massage: If you are looking for a gentle, soothing massage experience, Swedish massage is the one we would recommend. For someone new to massage should try it with no hesitation—especially individuals who have pressure sensitivity. You will have to lay down on a massage table covered with a sheet. The massage therapist will actively massage your entire body. The drawback is that it is only helpful for minor pains. But it can be a pleasant experience for all.
  • Trigger Point Massage: For chronic pains, one must have trigger point therapy. The trigger points are the steady and stretched portion of muscle tissues. People who suffer from extreme injuries or other specific conditions should take this massage therapy. This massage technique works as almost instant pain relief. It is quite pleasant and relaxing with the addition of deeper pressure. The massage requires work on the entire body. The masseur would work on each area separately.

Massage Contraindications for Car Accident

There is not enough evidence that contraindicates massage therapy for automobile accidents. There have been many case studies that show how proper massage therapy can help patients.

Massage therapies ease the recovery process. It also helps with post-traumatic stress disorder from accidents. The victims of car accidents are usually recommended to have massage therapies based on their needs. We can conclude that there are barely any contraindications for car accidents.

Will Insurance Pay for Massage Therapy After Car Accidents?

For health insurance companies covering the bills of massage therapy, it needs to be prescribed by a doctor. A survey by the American Massage Therapy Association found out that approximately 67% of respondents were recommended a massage by their doctors.

If you own a health savings account (FSA), you can use the savings to pay for the massage therapies. To include all that in health insurance, you may need to pay an amount to the health insurance companies. You can read an answer to a question: Can You Use FSA For Massage?

In Conclusion

Massage therapies have become a household name. Anyone who needs relief from chronic pain and stress must try out massage therapies.

Many physicians are recommending their patients taking massages who have excessive pain and anxiety. Victims of automobile accidents need therapies to expedite their recovery process. Also, therapy treatment can help a great deal in these particular cases.

However, do not linger your therapy if you need to have one. The best type of massages after car accidents that we recommended earlier in this article will help you keep healthier.

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