How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

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Before buying a massage chair, you may think about how much does a massage chair cost? Another question that can arise in your mind that what could be the best possible way for relaxation after a ceaseless day of work? You’ll get all questions answers here.

For the perfect massage, you can’t always keep breaking your bank and spend it all on massage therapies. So, why not invest in a massage chair?

But before that, do you know how much does a massage chair cost? That’s a pretty neat question for you.

Say goodbye to your worries and follow this guide. We’ll show you massage chairs at various price segments and what features affect the chair’s price. So, let’s buckle up.

Possible Features that can Affect Massage Chair to Cost

Not to mention, a massage chair of your dream can be costly; but that can come with various features. Starting from low to high-end features, the price can be affected at many levels with several design sectors and additional attributes too.

Let’s check out the features that can drive the cost:

  • Massage functions that are customizable and automated
  • Automatic trackable massage rollers
  • Heated or inflated airbags for a better massage
  •  Zero gravity massage capability
  • Technology that can track spine, legs, and neck
  • The advanced technology of reflexology massage
  • Full body scan system for customized massages
  •  Space-saving architecture
  • Most desired one, app functionality

So, these are the features that pack an enormous amount of money. Now, let’s talk about chairs at various price levels.

Best Massage Chair Under 500$

Well, to be honest with you, $500 won’t buy your dream chair. Because you won’t find multiple chairs with lots of features under $500, especially the features like zero gravity, full-body scan, and foot rollers technology.

But don’t get upset yet. As you are here, I’ll advise you of some categories that fall under $500.

Features you will enjoy:

  •  Easily portable as most chairs are hand-held chairs
  • Massage experience at the back
  • Heating massage programs
  • Comes with one motor
  • User-friendly functions

See the types of a massage chair

If you feel you can count more cash, we would suggest you look at massage chairs for under $1000. They can give you more modern features.

Best Massage Chair Under $1000

In our opinion, the best massage chair always has to be with the best features. But manufacturers still cut some major specifications while decreasing the selling price as well.

If you look at the 1000 bucks massage chairs, the chairs will generally cut off the roller track technology and come in a smaller size. The roller track technology and bigger sizes belong to the upper price tag chairs.

Let’s look some chairs that you can buy if you have $1000.

Massage Chair Under $2000

This price segment is what we mean by the chairs between $1000 and $2000 price tags. Anyway, we consider this segment an introduction to the desirable features we and all others want.

So, the features you get in this price range:

  • Full body scan technology
  • Up to 50 inches SL-track
  • Yoga stretch program
  • Adjusts the height of 6 ft 3 inches and weight of 284 lbs

In this price category, four major brands are ruling with their chairs; accordingly, Kahuna, Relaxonchair, Ootori, Osaki, and other brands are trying to roll in this sector cause that’s a sweet spot.

Chairs in this price category:

Massage Chairs Between $2000 and $3000

If you would like to add some additional and craving features to your massage chair, then chairs of this budget range will fly you there.

The features you will get:

  •  Automated programs
  •  3D massage function for deep massage
  • Fully installed chairs
  •  App compatibility
  •  Single massage period of over 1 hour
  • Foot massage enabled
  •  Different language functionality

Now, look at two of the best offerings I got here for you:

Massage Chairs Between $3000 and $4000

As we’ve been speaking with you for a long period, we got your trust, right? This is a blind spot for the massage chairs because massage chairs are pretty rare in this section.

Anyway, chill out! We still got one chair to recommend you here, and this one specializes in medical functionalities with revolutionary and advanced technology features.

So, why not bring your health in the right now? Check out the detailed review of Medical breakthrough v4 here.

Okay, now let’s step into the bigger games of massage chairs.

Massage Chairs Between $4000 and $6000

Now, you’re into the game of big boys. Here you’ll get a glimpse of various foreign companies, like Japanese, with high-quality engineering as well. Some of them are award-winning chairs, too.

Moreover, you’ll come up with super innovative technology and exquisitely patented design.

The expensive features you will get:

  • Automated memory function
  • Additional massage motors
  • Excavating warranty periods of 3-5 years
  • Premium leather seats
  • Immediate reply buttons
  • Zero gravity system

The gorgeous chairs at this price:

Massage Chairs Between $6000 and $8000

Suppose you’re a person like me who loves to buy a product of their own choice, well, then good luck at this budget segment. Because these chairs will leave you amazed with your dream massage features. Starting from old ancient massage to advanced technology-based massage.

Special note to the rocking technology, you’ll enjoy this breathtaking feature while you’re up for a deep tissue massage. The chair will move back and forth to press every bit of your body.

The premium feature you will see:

  • Multiple massage techniques
  • Can locate spine, neck, and back specifically
  • Arm massage enables
  • Strong but soothing, healing technology
  • Certified by giant health organizations
  • Premium warranty levels

Chairs you would love to buy:

Massage Chair Between $8000 and $10000

Finally, we’re at the end—the last ride of the best massage chairs for you and me. In this budget segment, the massage chairs are featured and have gone through a lot of intensive studies, including research of health benefits, so that they can become the best all-rounder massage chairs.

These massage chairs are a piece of luxury for a luxurious massage. You can literally adjust the tricep and bicep massage function, start and pause massages, higher heat therapies, foot massage roller, L-track technology, and some chairs feature 4D massage function.

In a sentence, you’ll get everything you want in your desired massage.

The chairs at this high-end budget section:


That was a long journey, right? But the journey is a genuine success because now you know how much a massage chair costs. It’s time to look at your pocket and find the right massage chair for you. You won’t regret the life of a massage you’ll get at home from now and don’t rush to the massage therapist anymore.

Happy massage life!

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