Top 5 Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews & Buying Guide

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Don’t you presume a happy and healthy life is what we all strive for? That’s a universal truth. But alas! One chronic back pain can switch your lifestyle; healthy to hectic.

People prefer visiting chiropractors concerning back and sleep issues to amend a cure and head-to-toe massage. Even afterward, the pain comes back to haunt them; for instance, you cannot see a chiropractor every time.

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So, why not bring a therapist to your home? Yeah, you got it there.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

We are talking about the medical breakthrough massage chairs that can be your lifesaver and an abstract therapist with higher customer service. They can reveal a full body massage just right in your home and let you relax with a sound sleep.

Anyway, if you are an imminent buyer of a massage chair and are especially interested in MB series chairs, then here you will find your answer about whether they will be worth the effort.

This article will be more than just medical breakthrough massage chair reviews, so stick with us till the last.

Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

A single medical breakthrough chair can change your day and night lifestyle with a smile on your face. The chairs are available in different price segments with packed features.

Let’s begin.

1. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

If you are a patient suffering from back pain problems due to a hip twist, incorrect posture, or any other associated causes, you better opt to buy Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair; you won’t regret it.

Zero Gravity, Foot Rollers, Calf, Arms, Shoulder, Neck & Back Massager – (Black) By Medical Breakthrough

A true reason for not regretting is that medical breakthrough 4 is the only massage chair designed by the brain of over 25 doctors, pain specialists, surgeons, and chiropractors. So, you can bet your full bank account on this massage chair.

The chair is undoubtedly a future-proof chair, including zero gravity, full medical body scan, powerful massage rollers via a tracking system. Not just that, you can enjoy a true arm massage on your fingers, hands, and arms.

We can’t stop praising the chair, but we are too happy to share it with you. Another magnificent feature is to mention that the position on the chair is evenly distributed across the whole chair so that you feel a weightless massage experience and a deeper relaxation feeling.

Not to mention, this is the best chiropractic backstretch chair where the inflatable airbags are integrated. The bags grasp your hip and mildly stretch the back muscles, relieving your tight muscles and energizing them.

Besides, you have the dial to press your desired mode with the remote so you get to recline as you wish to. Notably, the memory function stores your intended mode. So, you can buy it for a full body massage or as little as a massage you want; you will love it for sure.


  •  Precise memory function
  • Undoubtedly relaxable
  • Infrared heated massage
  • High-quality massage system
  • Customizable


  •  A bit pricier than what it offers

2. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

After a long ceaseless day of work, nothing can be a better gift than a head-to-toe massage while hitting all the spots of a body. In that case, if you are seeking a home massage, then Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair is the best massage chair at your service.

Perfect Luxury Gift (Black) Medical Breakthrough Recliner 3D Massage Chair By Medical Breakthrough

Whether you intend to enjoy a deep tissue massage, foot massage, or any other massage techniques, the medical breakthrough 6 will dig down genuinely all over your back.

Plus, when you lay down on the sit, it will scan your entire body top to bottom. Afterward, the chair will set the massage rollers to tailor you to the best massage ever.

In this chair, you can try different techniques that are stored in the chair, starting from Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck massage to very ancient Egyptian massage. All massage techniques are intense and relaxing, as well. So, which one are you willing to enjoy?

Sooth to say, thanks to the new 3D L-track technology, the chair can literally provide every inch by inch massage to your body while tracking the sore parts of the body as well. Eventually, it will deliver a powerful massage with a more profound relaxation; you might not even notice when you are asleep.

Apart from the relaxation, the leather is another essential part where you should look at. It will offer you the ultimate pleasure in every bit of your body, with its pure thickness and no stitches.

However, the zero-gravity feature is the deal-breaker here. It isn’t customizable, so you lose the gravity freedom here.


  • Multiple massage methods
  • True medical body scan
  • Massages all over your back
  • Higher grade leather seat
  • Professional grade deep tissue massage


  • Lacks memory function
  • Not customizable gravity

3. Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 Massage Chair

A medical breakthrough massage chair for business, how does that sound? Still, astonished? Well, don’t be surprised anymore.

Businesses (Black) Vending 5 Massage Chair by Medical Breakthrough

The Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 Massage Chair has every nitty-gritty of massage functions that you’ll require running your massage business alongside ensuring better customer service.

Medical Breakthrough Chair 5 is a heavy-duty massage chair that can counteract rampant usage and truly engineered for vendors. You can surmise better offers while not getting many options, like other chairs on the list.

But it’s a valid choice if you are into business because you won’t have people sitting for a whole day. Other than that, the chair has a slot, allowing cash and credit to lessen up your hassle with dollars.

The Vending 5 has every massaging feature you’d be hoping for, which other chairs offer at this price. But it stands out a step ahead with its relaxing technology and enjoyable foot massage.

Another key feature to remind you is that you can quickly install the chair wherever you want. Just set it in place and plug-in it, then it’s ready to roll.

We are on a never-ending feature journey. Anyway, as the chair is purposed for business, this can be a good selling point for medical professionals. It will perform similar soothing massage and relaxation, where other massage chairs don’t.

Give it a shot. You can set up a new business soon.


  • Designed by professional chiropractors and doctors
  •  Medical grade performance
  • Manufactured specially for business purpose
  • Allows credit cards and cash
  •  Easy installation


  • It has fewer massage functions

4. Medical Breakthrough Vending 4 Massage Chair Recliner

If you would love to hit your massage business with crowds, then we, alongside you, can bet on Medical Breakthrough Vending 4 Massage Chair Recliner. But why would we say that?

Deep Tissue Massager with Reflexology – By Medical Breakthrough

Well, the foremost reasoning is the automatic money collecting system. It has been designed with an additional slot for accepting cash and credits. So that you don’t hassle or get along with customers to bargain for the money. Sounds excellent and collects the total earnings every weekend.

Not only that, this MB series chair is a commercial grade chair, and people’s choice what we’d say in a word because of its outstanding working capability and durability. In the USA, you can see the chair being used in many malls, gyms, and even airports.

So, why don’t you bring it to your store right away and provide your customer with a soothing and relaxing massage? Additionally, it has the capability to scan your body and set the massage rollers as your body needs.

Last but not least, this medical breakthrough can advance the massaging technology of 3D Deep Tissue Massage with Reflexology, which enhances a bit by bit massage of your body.


  •  Full body scan
  •   Affordable budget chair
  • 3D massage technology
  • Commercial grade build quality
  • Accepts cash and credits


  •  Offers limited massage function

5. Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

The concluding chair on our today’s list is the Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800. Though the chair is not an MB series chair, does it stand a chance among others? That’s what we’ll talk about right now.

Zero Gravity Full-Body with Yoga & Heating Therapy (Brown) By Kahuna Massage Chair Store

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice with your naked eyes that Kahuna LM6800 is a renowned one among massage chair users. But why? Because the massage chair offers multi-functional capabilities within a decent price range. Isn’t that great?

The Kahuna Recliner features three stages of zero gravity to let you feel the massage in every part of your body with evener weight distribution. Consequently, the chair fully relieves your stresses from the body and makes all your burdens fade away.

To ensure an effective full body massage, the massage chair is manufactured with advanced 4 rollers L-track technology. With the L-track technology, the body gets an entire smart body scan piece by piece and eventually supports your spinal part and neck with a compelling message.

We are not supposed to miss the best feature, which is the yoga stretching program. We don’t catch sight of this kind of feature in other massage chairs, even including the medical breakthrough chairs.

The yoga stretching function stretches the whole body to full and thereby enhances your blood circulation.

Anyway, speaking of massage techniques, the LM6800 features six automated programs packed in the chair, including an air massage system, heat therapy, shiatsu therapy, and so on.

For example, the heating therapy will soothe the lower back and legs of yours, whereas the air massage technology will drive a great massage on your entire body while mitigating your body to the utmost.

Another fantastic feature to glimpse is the dual foot rollers that are plugged on the footer area with latter sanitary objectives.

So, to pick in a word, the Kahuna LM6800 is a massage chair with multiple features at an aggressively decent price. The yoga stretch program is the main highlight of this chair. Go pick it up.


  • Additional yoga program
  •  Three stages zero gravity
  • Free choices of massage techniques
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Advanced L-track technology


  •  Installations can be tricky

The Fundamental Buying Guide

It’s undoubtedly a hefty investment like breaking your bank while buying a massage chair. So, it would be best if you purchase a massage chair with all the essential features. Regarding that, there are a few things you should consider before you buy a medical breakthrough massage chair.

Massage Chair Features

A number of chairs can show different features. Well, we aren’t saying that one is terrible, and another is the best. That’s not like that. You have to think of the features or massage methods you’re looking for. Suppose you are craving a customizable zero gravity feature with multiple massage functions. In that sense, you must find a massage chair with those desired features.

Design and Size

It is one of the predominant features which you have to remember while buying a chair. Considering your body size or the preferable size that you want, you can search for chairs that you like. And design what assuages our mind and eyes. Every massage chair is made with different specifications and designs alongside sizes. So, pick the one that fits your space, body, and choices.


You cannot neglect this feature cause this is what you have to consider first and foremost. So, what’s your purpose? Are you buying a massage chair for business purposes, medical purposes, or just for your health benefits? These things are interlinked to the usabilities of a massage chair. If you are only on fulfilling merely a hobby, you can check up to your preferences; otherwise, you have to engage the audiences with their issues for business.

Durability & Functionality

In the event that you check every piece of massage chair on the market, the brands offer you at least three years of warranty along with the package. We expect the higher-priced chairs may offer a more extended service due to their premium budget and construction. A massage chair should come with higher-grade functionality and durability, which is actually preferred in reality. So, make sure you inspect the durability and the leather’s build quality of the chair.


Yes, customization. Customization is our freedom and, eventually, freedom to choose. If you wish to use a massage chair that can be customized, then check out the chairs we reviewed, might suit you one. In comparison, some other chairs on the list and market ensure minimal customization.


The last one but one of the vital things you must remember. Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs can be priced low to pretty high, starting from 3000 bucks to 10000 or even higher for the premium ones. But as the saying goes, everyone’s bank account doesn’t show the same balance. With the unavoidable features and decently priced chair, you must look for at the end of the day.


To sum up, we have a favorite after we have finished reviewing all the products. The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair is the one we recommend. It is professionally designed. You can remove your muscle tension with the inflated airbags, and it also has powerful rollers to massage you from head to toe.

You can also see the alternatives to the MB chairs that have equally useful features, which is Kahuna LM6800. Go through it and see if it suits your preference. We hope this guide helped you to choose the best medical breakthrough massage chair.

You can book yourself an in-house therapy session today. You know you deserve it. Cheers!

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