How To Clean a Massage Chair? The Maintenance Technique

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Admit it or not, a massage chair tends to get dirtier than any other furniture in your room. So your massage chair needs your special care as it gives you the care in times of need. The maintenance and cleaning of a massage chair need to be handled appropriately. 

That’s why, today, we will help you figure out how to clean a massage chair with our detailed step-by-step guidelines. Let’s move onto the details! 

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How To Clean a Massage Chair? Step-by-Step 

Depending on your chair’s material, the maintenance and cleaning procedure, cleaning ingredients may vary. As we found out that most of the massage chairs are made of either synthetic leather or vinyl upholstery, we have made the cleaning procedure depending on these materials. 

If your massage chair comes in any different material other than these two, make sure to understand if that specific material is damage-prone to any particular component among the ingredients that we will mention afterward.  

Required ingredients: mild soap, cotton cloth or clean damp cloth, water (distilled water if possible), mild metal cleaners, sanitizing solution, spray bottle (optional)

Tip: Before you start, make sure that your chair is disconnected from any sort of electrical connection to avoid any injury.

how to clean a massage chair
  • Step-1: First, remove if there is any extra cushion or massaging devices on top of your chair. As you will be using these on your chair, it’s better to clan these as well. You can sanitize the solution and spray the solution over the cushion and the devices carefully. Afterward, wipe the surface and let those dry aside. 
  • Step-2: Now your chair should be bare to clean. Take a dry piece of cloth and wipe away if there is any hair, dry skin, or dirt on top of your chair. Make sure to reach every area, especially in those areas where you won’t be able to use soap and water. 
  • Step-3: by now, as you have wiped out all the dry specks of dirt, it’s time to use soap and water. In this phase, you can also use a sanitizing solution to clean up. Also, in the case of water, you can use distilled water because this water is known to remove contaminants effectively. 

Whichever you choose, spray the solution or soap-water discreetly so that the liquid doesn’t reach the areas where it may damage the chair. After that, take a dry piece of cloth or clean damp cloth and wipe off the solution of soapy-water thoroughly. 

Tip: if you are using soap-water, make sure not to air-dry it on your chair. If you let it dry, it may leave spots that will be hard to remove. Wiping down the surface right after using the soap-water will save you from the spots. 

  • Step-4: Your job is done by now. After wiping the chair off with a dry cloth, you have to let the chair dry naturally. Do not sit on the chair or put anything on top of it until it gets dried up. Once your chair is dried, it’s ready to use so you can put the cushion and other devices on it again. 

Closing Words 

Cleaning your massage chair every 1 to 2 weeks is essential because massage chairs get dirty easily. If you do not clean the chair properly, it’s normal for it to look gross with all the oils and other massaging stuff on it.

So by now, you know how to clean massage a chair accurately. Follow our lead and maintain your massage chair for better durability and experience. 

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