How to Reset Massage Chair? The Detailed Guidelines

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You are about to know the detailed guidelines on how to reset massage chair step by step. The entire guide will help you maintain the massage chair properly.

Who doesn’t want to grasp a soothing body massage after a restless day? Massage chairs have been helping smooth body massage for a long time. After using a massage chair for several years, you need to replace some parts or need to reset. So If you are looking for the solution of how to reset a massage chair, then you are in the right place.

If you are exploring a simple way of how to reset a massage chair, then this post will help you a lot.

A massage chair is a device that offers many benefits related to body massaging with unique features. Those chairs are more comfortable to get a massage of the full body or any part of the human body. Even you may get complete relief from muscle tension and chronic pain with plenty of relaxation.

Sometimes using a massage chair may be a challenge that’s why people consider getting a hassle-free massaging device. Assembling a massage chair may make you puzzled while doing the setting. Sometimes you may bore, even there is no way to solve it if you invest an enormous amount. The major reasons for this, you don’t know how to use a massage chair properly or don’t know how to reset a chair.

However, in this post, we will share the perfect solution for how to reset the massage chair. So knowing more about how to reset a massage chair, keep reading.

General Guide for Resetting a Massage Chair

If you know a few basic things about your massage chair, you won’t need a chair expert to reset it. When you buy a new chair, it works smoothly, but overall, it’s a machine and it will need maintenance.

Most massage chair runs with a remote. To reset, at first, you need to push the On-Off button of the remote. After switching off the chair, the preset program needs to incite on its own. Pushing the same button, the chair gets back to reset.

You need to care about the off button while using it. You must push the off button immediately in case of an emergency.

What Problems You May Face with a Massage Chair While Resetting?

We all know a massage chair is a machine and it may have some problems after using it for a certain period. So probably you may find some common problems in all massage chairs while using or resetting:

Some common problems you may get while resetting a chair. These problems are..

  • The massage chair stops working suddenly.
  • Sometimes it makes an odd sound.
  • Remote could not control sometimes the temperature. It makes you bother.
  • The auto timer feature may not work after a period.
  • Sometimes the wire of the massage chair gets overheated.
  • The remote control may stop responding.
  • Suddenly, some features may not work properly, because of improper maintenance.

Why Massage Chair Stops Working?

Sometimes the massage chair may not work properly. If you know the reasons, you can fix it at home, further, you may go to the manufacturer or hire a technician to reset the chair.

There are many reasons that can stop working a chair properly. Some reasons are given below.

(1) Electrical Reason: All full-body massage chair is operated with electricity and the cord is plugged into the power sources. So if the massage chair doesn’t get the proper power, it will not work. It is likely your smartphone or laptop or television. If you run a massage chair with low voltage, it will damage significantly must.

(2) Motor: Every massage chair has different motors. Each motor has its specific functions. There are rolling function motor, 3D mechanism motor, kneading motor, etc. So if any of these motors are losing their functions, your chair will not work properly.

(3) Drive Belts: Every chair has drive belts, which are designed with a strength cord and synthetic rubber. The drive belts of a massage chair are responsible for movements. So it can be damaged due to overheating. That’s why your massage chair may not work.

(4) Air Pressure: The air pressure system of a massage chair works with five functions. These are air compressors, solenoids, motherboard, air hoses, and airbags. If any of these functions don’t work, your massage chair can stop working.

(5) Motherboard: If you use low power voltage all the time, your motherboard of a chair can not function properly. The manufacturer always recommends using an excellent quality power system. Also, it’s a probable reason for losing the air pressure of a massage chair.

(6) Airbags: Somehow, if the airbags are leaked for overpressure or heat, the massage chair will stop its work. Shoulder, back, arm airbags are easily replaceable, but the feet and leg airbags are not easily replaceable, they are time-consuming.

(7) Air compressor: You heard rarely that normally an air compressor properly works up to 7 to 10 years. But if it fails ones, it does not replaceable. So you can check it wether is it working or not.

(8) Solenoids: If solenoids are damaged, it would be replaceable. Sometimes the massage chair is designed in a such way, that it won’t be possible to replace the solenoids.

Is Every Part of the Massage Chair Can Be Repaired?

A massage chair provides you great service. The massage chair gives your muscles relaxation and comfort. It prepares you for the next day with the same enthusiasm.

But it’s an expensive device, and you should take care properly while using it. So that you can use it repetitively for a longer period.

If you use the chair for a longer time, its features will be declined with time, but you can repair some parts if they do not work. If you want to repair the chair, you may give lots of effort to repair it. Some parts that can be repairable includes:

  • Electric motor
  • Remote
  • Power cord
  • Heating pads

Guidelines on How to Reset Massage Chair Properly

It’s very difficult to guide you on how to reset a massage chair without checking physically. But everything has basic guides. So here, if you follow the below basic instructions accurately, you can reset your massage chair at your home with no chair expert.

These guides are…

  • If your remote control doesn’t work smoothly, check the battery of the remote is damaged or not.
  • Check the power source and cable connection first Is it connected properly or not?
  • Some remote control comes with LED light, if the light is not working, change the light.
  • Sometimes the roller may not work properly, so check it.
  • During rolling action, sometimes it produces sounds. So check it that is it produces a terrible sound or not.
  • While moving a massage chair, you will get a wonderful sound that shows the chair is working. If the sound is not coming from the motor, there may be another problem. Here, you should immediately push off the power button.
  • If the wires of the chair are burnt, you can replace them to add new wires.
  • If the motor part does not work, you can contact the manufacture.
  • Sometimes the cord gets overheated because of improper use or the voltage, you may concern about the power sources because the massage chair is a costly machine, you can not afford it daily, and you should not take the risk to run it with low power. Another thing you can, replace the power cord.
  • Temperature or heating features are the fundamental things of a massage chair. It provides you relaxation after a hectic day. So if you have issues with the temperature, you cannot control the temperature yourself. That’s why you should immediately contact with the manufacture.

What Should You Do if the Massage Chair Stops Working?

If your massage chair suddenly stops working or face trouble switching it on-off and it makes an odd sound, you have to off your chair by pushing the off button.

Your chair may not work. There may be two reasons: one is the power cord problem and the second one is something don’t install accurately. Be sure that the power cord has plugged properly, and the massage chair is getting the exact power that it needs.

Moreover, you must ensure about the fuse. If it’s sprouting, change it immediately. Further, check the power cord, if it is burned, replace it with a new cord. And foremost, see if every part of the chair is installed accurately or not.

What Should You Do if The Chair’s Functions Do not Work?

The massage chair comes with some smoothing functions that give you relaxation and it won’t bother you rather it creates some issues after a few years. If you take care properly, it’ll provide you better service.

Sometimes, the functions of a massage chair don’t work, its foremost purpose to give you relaxation using little electricity. If it doesn’t function properly, check the cable connection first is properly connected or not. If that’s okay, then you should check the motor functions working properly or not, and in case any sounds seem different, you should immediately switch off and can factory reset.

If you don’t find any problem, why the functions are not working, you can contact the manufacturer. It’s better not to use the damaged device.


The massage chairs indeed come with a vast benefit to the world and becoming popular nowadays for their unique features. We all know it’s an expensive product. So for this enormous investment, it’s not possible to buy a massage chair every day. For this, proper care and management of the massage chair are foremost to run the chair for a longer time accurately.

If you take proper care of your chair, it’ll be the last longer and provide you better service. So taking care of your chair properly, follow the above-detailed guidelines on how to reset a massage chair to get better service as well as to save your economic cost.

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