How To Use Percussion Massager- The Easiest Guide

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A percussion massager works uniquely to vibrate inside your muscle tissues and bring you rapid relief against any kind of soreness. Using percussion massagers is very easy and effective than other massagers. But unless you know how to use it, it will not show the most effectiveness. 

Percussion massagers increase the blood flow to the sore muscle and reduce muscle tension. Also, it breaks up all the muscle fatigue after an exercise or extreme movement. If you think that every time you feel any pain or soreness, you need to help of a therapist otherwise for normal pain or soreness, you can use a good quality percussion massager.

Now the question is how to use a percussion massager? There are lots of techniques, but the best one is just pressing it on your sore muscle or body part softly.

But do not push a percussion massager strongly and do not keep it in a certain place for longer than 30 seconds. If you apply moderate pressure, it will work in the best way. 

Read more guides on how to use a percussion massager on your body.

More Guides on How To Use a Percussion Massager

Usually, a percussion massager works to get relief from sore muscles and stiff joint pains using vibration therapy. It’s almost the same as other massage guns, but there is still a slight difference in the work procedure. You can get different percussion massagers available for percussion therapy, but theragun is the most beneficial for a deep tissue massage

Percussion Massager guide

We all know how to use a regular massager. But most massagers need to press on muscle. The same procedure you have to apply for a percussion massager? Now we will talk about this.

Here’s how you can use a percussion massager like an expert: 

  • First, fix the speed limit of a percussion massager according to your choice. For instance, if you want to get relief before sleep or a spa, go to a lower speed level. Whereas for getting decomposition, deep relaxation, or even a professional massage experience, set the speed up accordingly. Besides, if you are a beginner, we would suggest don’t use more speedy massaging techniques, because this can make your problem worse. 
  • In order to get the most out of it, you need to fix the position of massager’s head according to your choice. For quick relief from neck soreness, you can choose your massager’s head, which is suited for that purpose. A usual percussion massager comes with 5 different heads, so you can choose any of those according to your massaging preference. 
  • The basic and most beneficial method for using a percussion massager as a beginner is to place the massager softly on your sore area and keep it there for 30 seconds, then move the gun to another part of the body. If you want, you can move back to the same place after a while. But avoid using a massager on bony places or in the areas where you feel that the pain can be because of bone breakage or joint misplacement. 

But there are a few certain areas of the body where you need to perform the massaging accordingly. A few of those specifics are:

Tech Neck or Text Neck:

Tech neck or text neck is a condition where you will feel soreness. It happens on the neck muscle due to repetitive strain and injury in the cervical spine. The main reason behind this soreness is poor posture. 

Experts say, if you use a percussion massager for your tech neck, you need to move the gun from your chest toward the armpit and your shoulder for 30 seconds. Again, repeat the process and move the gun backward for 30 seconds. It will bring your neck soreness easily. In this case, set the massager in light-medium speed for instant pain relief

Stress-Relieving Massage Before Sleep Time:

After a long hectic day, if you destress yourself using a massage gun, you can have better sleep. In this case, move the massage gun, starting from your arm to your entire body, setting it in moderate pressure and low speed. The low pressure and speed will make you feel relieved and sleepy in comfort, relieving your nervous system.

If you do slight meditation while performing the massaging, it will add up more to the result. While you are distressing yourself using a massage gun before bed, you need to focus more on your gluteus maximus, calf muscles, front of your chest, and the front of your thighs, and any of the tight muscles where you feel relaxation is needed. Massaging these body parts will make you stress-free quickly. 

Spa Massage:

You don’t feel like getting a professional spa? No worries, a theragun or hypervolt can be your brilliant companion for spa massage. But you will need another person to handle the massaging techniques in your entire body. Remember that, at-home percussion massage is never a substitute for then the massage therapist.

In order to start the spa massage using a percussion massage gun, you need to lay down flat and need another person to use the massager on your whole body. To add more spa feeling, you can use some essence and oils, and you can burn up a few candles to get in that mood. 

Post-Sports or Post Workout Soreness Relief:

After sports or workouts, the players and trainers feel a lot of muscle pain, stiffness, and joint pains. Before using a percussion massager in this situation, you need to understand when to use it. If the issue is serious and if you use the massager gun roughly during those serious times, the aftermath can be dangerous. 

After sports or workouts, if you have muscle strains, torn ligaments, sprains, broken bones, and other chronic conditions, never perform the massaging without medical advice from a doctor. A simple mismatch can damage your muscle tissue and bring serious conditions.

So for workout recovery or relief after your gaming, you can try moderate massaging if you don’t have any chronic condition. 

Essential Tips To Use a Percussion Massager

  • Never use the speedy massager on your bony areas. You can use low pressure and speed if you have bone soreness. 
  • If you have chronic conditions like muscle strains, torn ligaments, sprains, broken bones; do not perform the massaging on your own. 
  • Do not keep the massaging gun in the same place for longer than 30 seconds.
  • Repeated massage in the same place within a short period can do more harm than good. 
  • Do not use more pressure and speed if you are a beginner.
  • It’s always suggested to ask an expert before you buy a percussion massager for you. 
  • There are some trigger points where using the percussion massager can do more harm than good, be aware of that. 

Wrapping Up 

In the end, we want to say that if you know how to use percussion massager properly, it can be beneficial for you every time. But if you are totally a beginner, use it carefully. Hopefully, you have got the best ideas on how to use a percussion massager properly in times of need.

Remember that all pieces of information that we have shared here are for informational purposes only. The percussion massaging is not a substitute for any medical treatment. So if you have serious conditions, do not delay getting the doctor’s suggestion and treatment.

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