How to Warm Up Massage Oil?

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When you use a regular massage session, you can be a smooth, relaxing experience. But there’s a secret of taking the experience to a whole new level. The trick is to use hot massage oil.

When you use hot oil with massage strokes, the combination will give you smooth feelings. There are many methods to warm the massage oils. You should warm massage oils in a proper way, otherwise, it can harm your skin. So if you want to know how to warm up massage oil properly, this article will be helpful for you.

We’re going to discuss the methods in detail. Hence you won’t have any confusion if you read the instructions carefully.

how to warm up massage oil

Why Warm Up Massage Oil?

There’s no telling about the importance of oils in massage, especially hot oils. When you use oils to massage, it’ll help you feel better than room temperature oils.

The heat from warm oil helps the muscles to relax. It’s because the oil penetrates the skin. Another advantage will be skin hydration. Generally, human’ skin becomes hydrated after a massage session. So massaging with warm oil also helps you improve skin health.

Therefore, a warm massage is so much better than a regular oil massage.

Best Ways on How to Warm Up Massage Oil

If you ought to warm up the massage oil, you should be careful about the technique that you use. The massage oil should be warm to reduce muscle pain. But you have to ensure the temperature doesn’t scald or harm the skin.

We’ll show you some methods that’ll help you warm the oil efficiently and effortlessly.

Using Candles:

When you’re looking for cheap or inexpensive methods to warm the oils, using candles is probably the best way. The necessary tools are an oil warmer bowl, massage oil, and tea lights.

First of all, you have to light the candles and then put them in the container. The container is to be placed underneath the bowl. Get the warmer bowl on the top of the candles and pour the massage oils.

You have to monitor the oil temperature after putting the oil on the heat from time to time. It’s because you’re using an open flame to warm the oils. Therefore, without all-time supervision, you’ll lose control of temperature, and it will overheat.

Using Oil Warmer

Most massage enthusiasts keep a massage oil warmer in their homes. It’s because they consider it as the most effective way to warm up the massage oils.

At first, you have to transfer the oil to the container of the oil warmer. Then find a wall socket to plug the warmer. In this method, you don’t have to monitor the oil temperature. The warmer has an automatic regulator which will regulate the temperature of the oil.

You can unplug the warmer of oil when it’s warm enough or just after a few minutes. There is also a function that will let you warm the oil throughout the night and use it in the morning.

Using Boiling Water

Most probably, it’s the easiest way for you to warm up your massage oils. All you need is a ceramic mug, boiling water, and massage oil.

Start by pouring the mug with boiling water and submerge the bottle into the water. Then let the oil receive heat from the water. When you’re convinced enough that the oil is warmed up, remove the oil bottle from the water.

There’s another thing to notice. When the amount of oil you want to use is less than an entire oil bottle, then get a separate glass bottle for the task. You have to be careful whether the oil is still too hot or not after removing it from boiling water.

Using the Double-Boiler Strategy

This strategy is one of the best efficient ways to keep the temperature at a proper value. You’ll need two ceramic glasses, boiling water, and massage oil for the double boiler strategy. In this method, heat will be supplied through slow fame by indirect heat.

Let us show you how to do it in the proper way.

At first, take the smaller bowl and put it in the larger bowl. Then you take the boiling water and pour it into a large bowl. The water amount should be enough that it touches the bottom of the smaller bowl and puts the oil on it. Let the oil warm for a while and swirl it by your finger.

Warming Ingredients

You can also use some ingredients that will be available at your home. Those ingredients will give a warming sensation to the oil. Some carrier oils can give you that feeling and nourish your skin. For example, you can use cardamom, ginger, black pepper, rosemary, etcetera.

Using Microwave

If you’re looking for some quick way to heat the oil, especially for the babies, you can microwave the massage oil. Let the oil heat for 20 to 30 seconds into the microwave and then put it out. If you exceed the time, the oil might overheat and harm your skin.

Bonus Tips of Massage Oil

When you’re using one of these methods to warm your massage oil, you must remember some basics.

  • The first thing to notice is the oil temperature. Do not let it overheat. When you’re using these essential oils, consult one of the massage therapists who tell you about the techniques.
  • Another thing to remember is if you’re allergic to any ingredient of those oils or not.


We have discussed the techniques of how to warm-up massage oil. You can use any of these methods. But be aware of the basics and opposing sides of overheated massage oil.

Use our final tips, which will help you through the process. And you’ll become a master massage therapist in no time. Take care of yourself and hope you have a pleasant experience during your next massage session!

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