Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review In 2021

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Massage is a standard solution for many people to get rid of stress and pain and stress. A massage chair is beneficial for massage therapy. The demand for massage chairs is increasing with the time being.

Osaki OS 4000XT massage chair is one of the most demandable massage chairs today will talk about.

If you are in search of the best full-body massage chair, you can go for it. This chair contains huge features to give you relief from body pain.

Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review

Osaki brand bought to the marketplace their best massage chair Osaki OS 4000XT. This massage chair will be best for a full-body massage.

Compared to other Osaki brands’ models, OS 4000XT is much better for its features. This brand always comes with high-quality products that are good for longer use.

Also, this chair has collaborated all the advanced features you will need to get ultimate ease. The flawless construction of the chair makes it more demandable.

It doesn’t have too much weight of its own but can bear about 220 lbs. You can sit on it to take a massage very comfortably.

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Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Features

All advanced features of 4000xt chair at a glance:

  • Computer Body Scan system
  • L-track massage
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • It contains six massage styles
  • Six auto programs for massage
  • Has heating pads on the back
  • Space Saving technology

These are the key features of the OS 4000XT massage chair. But you may think about the necessity of these features! So now we will describe the benefits.

10 Benefits of Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair

1. Body Scan System

This chair is capable of providing you complete ease as it can scan your entire body. Its computer body scan system will scan your complete body first when you sit and lie on the chair. Also, the ache sensor in the system can scene the stressing point of your body.

Thus, it can adjust with your body automatically to work on the aching point. The rollers of the chair work to provide you a perfect massage. 

2. Full Body Massage 

Osaki OS 4000XT is a full-body massage chair. You will see many airbags in several points of the chair. It actually has 24 airbags to provide a perfect massage on your shoulder, arm, feet, spinal, and calf area. OS 4000Xt can enhance blood circulation throughout your body with its deep massage quality. 

3. L-Track Rollers

Osaki OS 4000XT has L-track, which will run from your past lower back to the hamstrings. Thus, you will enjoy the massage from your head to the full body parts.

The massage rollers will equally pressurize the entire body and fix the spinal stresses. That can make you refreshed and stress-free.

4. Foot Rollers

This chair has a spinning reflexology feature to provide a smooth and soothing massage to the muscles of your feet. The foot roller is located at the bottom of the feet. It will stimulate the points of acupuncture with the deep massage of airbags and foot rollers. 

5. Zero Gravity Technology

This chair is a stage zero gravity massage chair. You will have two stages here to disperse the weight of your whole body:

  • The first stage is to level your back and thigh
  • The second stage is to elevate your legs at the heart level.

Gravity position is necessary while massaging; thus, you can be fully reclined. And so the massage can work on the targeted parts firmly.

6. Space Saving Technology

It will also offer you space-saving technology. That means you can place your Osaki OS 4000XT anywhere in your home. It will occupy minimal space and make your home tidy up.

7. Controlling Feature

The controlling and setup process of the chair is very simple. You will get an LCD remote with the chair showing the massage strength, intensity mode, width of rollers on the screen. You can customize the massaging features easily with this remote.

8. Bluetooth Speaker

This chair is not only giving you relief from body pain, but it also works to refresh you. It has a Bluetooth speaker built into it with a headrest. So it can provide 4D surround sound. Thus, you can be fully refreshed by hearing your favorite song while having a deep massage. 

Massage Styles of Osaki OS 4000XT

As you read in the features of OS 4000XT that has different massage styles. This chair is constructed to ensure your full relaxation. It is ready to remove any kind of stress from any part of your body through its expertise.

To do its task in the best way, OS 4000XT contains two types of programs:

  • Auto massage programs and 
  • Manual massage programs 

You can change the massage styles you need through these programs.

1. Auto massages programs

The six auto programs include: neck and shoulder, thigh massage, strengthen massage, recover, relax, and sleeping massage program. Also, it will automatically scan your body condition and start a suitable massage program.

2. Manual massage programs

These manual programs will let you choose the massage styles. It also includes six massage styles for you: Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Clapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu. You can choose from them according to your comfort.

  • The foot massager part is very excellent.
  • Great air cushion hugs.
  • Feeling more comfortable than other chairs.
  • Excellent air bag for the right amount of presure.
  • Quality construction.
  • Expensive.
  • No knee or calf heat.

Wrapping Up!

I have tried to include all the information about the chair in Osaki OS 4000XT massage chair review. Osaki OS brand has many other models. But among all those, 4000XT is the latest one.

This massage chair can remove all your body pain. You can get a relaxed life by having a massage from this chair. It can give you what you need. Reading this article, you already know all the benefits you can get from the chair.

Finally, you may get the best massaging experience using OS 4000XT. So what is to think! Have your OS 4000XT now and enjoy the massage.

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