Are Massage Chairs Safe? Benefits and More Questions

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In recent years, massage chairs have become a popular way to relax. They are often used as a form of physical therapy for people who suffer from chronic pain and other medical conditions that make it difficult to get around easily. However, many are still asking the question: are massage chairs safe?

This blog post will answer this question and provide you with some important benefits of using these devices!

What is a massage chair?

A massage chair is a device that uses controlled vibrations, heat, and other types of stimulation to provide therapeutic massages. Massage chairs may be used in physical therapy sessions and for relaxation at home. There are many styles available with prices starting as low as $99!

are massage chairs safe

How do they work

A massage chair has a motorized system that moves the various parts of the chair back and forth to simulate massages. This includes motors in each leg, one at the base, and another at the headrest which surrounds your neck area with continuous vibration movements.

The type of motion will vary from model to model. However, most allow you to adjust speed from low vibrations for relaxation & high speeds for deep tissue work!

The intensity can also be controlled within each zone by pressing an easy-to-reach button on either side of the chair. When you are finished with the program, you can then change it. A well-made massage chair is adaptable to your pain points. Another prominent feature is that you are in control of the pressure it gives, just move your weight and the chair will adjust accordingly.

A massage chair not only feels great but can also help to alleviate pain, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood! It’s a win-win!

Are massage chairs safe?

The massage chair is the safest type of health tool. It operates on electricity, so there are no risks for infections or diseases like you find with an oiled rubdown!

A massage is safe because mostly it works to get more benefits like:

  • Reduce pain and tension in your muscles
  • Improve mood and reduce stress levels
  • Increase blood flow to your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs by increasing circulation through gentle pressure points that stimulate muscle movement.
  • Improving posture while seated at a work desk or sitting during long car rides.

Are they safe to use at home or in the office?

Yes. They are safe to use at home or in the office, and they are so easy to set up! You can have them go through a range of motions like kneading your back muscles or the lower half of your body, where you need it most.

Who should not use them?

  • People who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or sensitive skin, should not use them.

How often can you use one?

One of the best things about massage chairs is that they are so easy to use! You can get in and out as much as you want with minimal disruption. Allowing for more frequent sessions than going to a therapist.

What are the benefits of using one?

It relaxes your muscles and makes you feel more comfortable. It also relieves back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, or soreness and just generally feels good!

What are the drawbacks? The massage chairs may not be affordable for everyone, as they can get quite expensive. And remember that if you want to use it in a medical office setting, there is still a need to sterilize after each session which takes time.

How safe are these chairs compared to going into seeing a therapist? One thing we’ve noticed in our research is that this is an issue where there are no clear-cut answers.

Pros and cons of a massage chair


  • Reduce stress with a relaxing massage
  • Improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Lower blood pressure to improve the overall health
  • Decrease the effects of muscle tension from repetitive motion
  • No more sore and stiff muscles
  • Helping to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improving mood
  • Massage chair as a creative and stylish addition to your home for the ultimate in relaxation
  • The perfect gift idea for yourself or someone else!
  • Get where you need to go while relaxing.
  • Available in Black, Brown, Hunter Green, Light Gray
  • Receive up-to-the-minute massage technology with heated seats and vibration settings.


Where can I buy a massage chair?

The best place to buy a massage chair is online. You’ll find lots of options and you can read the reviews before making your decision. The website I recommend for a sustainable, quality product that will give you years of pleasure is

In conclusion

Massage chairs are a great way to receive pain relief, promote better circulation and relaxation. With so many quality massage chairs available, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. If any new risks come up over time (which they usually don’t), we will be sure to update this blog post for our readers!

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