7 Best Japanese Massage Chairs 2021 [Buying Guide + FAQs]

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Japanese massage chairs are a great way to relax after a long day, but finding the best Japanese chair can be difficult.

We have reviewed the top 7 Japanese massage chairs and provides buying guides for each type so you can make an informed decision. There are many factors in choosing the right product for you, including budget constraints and personal preferences. Read this review post to find your perfect Japanese massage chair.

Some Top Benefits of Japanese Massage Chair

The Benefits of the Japanese massage chair are for anyone who is looking to improve their health. Japanese chair provides an effective way to relieve tension from your neck and back without having to go out anywhere!

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Contracts muscles and relieves tightness
  • Relaxes the body in a variety of ways, such as therapeutic rocking or vibration massage.
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces soreness and soothes aches and more

What to look at Before buying a Japanese Massage Chair?

Seat size/width:

A massage chair with too narrow of a seat will not fit the majority of body types. Look for a chair that has a seat at least 23 inches wide. The seat should also be long enough to accommodate a taller person.

Seat height:

A massage chair should have a seat high enough off the ground that the user can place their feet flat on the floor while sitting in it. This will help equalize blood pressure and keep the body from experiencing too much strain.

Back massage height:

A quality chair will have a back that is able to provide a good amount of pressure, without pressing into the spine or hip bones.

Rolling/kneading action:

Kneading kneads deep into muscles to release tension while rolling targets the surface of the muscles with less pressure. A good chair should come with both options, and allow the user to adjust the intensity of both.

Number of motors:

Higher-end massage chairs have more powerful, high-speed mechanical gear transmissions built into their bases which allow each roller to rotate at a higher rate. This allows the rollers to create a more effective, deeper kneading motion that targets specific points on the body.

Types of massage included:

There are three basic kinds of Japanese chair massages. They are shiatsu, rolling, and kneading.

Shiatsu involves the use of the therapist’s palms to apply pressure to targeted areas on the body. Rolling uses a sweeping, kneading motion to target all areas of the back, legs, and arms. Kneading massages only use fingers to apply pressure in circular motions to muscles.

Size and weight:

A chair with a large, bulky frame will be difficult for most people to move on their own. Look for one that is average weight if it needs to be transported frequently. A good rule of thumb is the lighter the better, as long as you can maneuver it without extra help.

Programs and functions:

Most Japanese massage chairs have preset programs that automatically adjust the intensity of the rollers in response to user input. Some allow you to select from a variety of massage types, while others adjust the intensity of the different movements. Some even allow you to personalize your own program that combines preset motions with intensity settings.

So choose a chair that has all the features you want, but not too many.


A quality massage chair, especially a Japanese model, should not be cheap. If it is too inexpensive, there is probably a reason for that. The only exception to this rule would be if you plan to use the chair lightly and infrequently. In that case, spending too much money on it would be unnecessary.

Top 7 Japanese Massage Charis Review

Johnson Wellness J6800

Johnson Wellness Japanese Massage Chair

Johnson Wellness J6800 Ultra-High-Performance Chair is a good massage chair. It has 31 different massage techniques and 46 airbags. Each airbag can be controlled independently to provide a unique experience for each user.

This massaging chair also has auto-recline armrests, which are designed to decrease the amount of pressure on your arms when you’re reclined back in your seat. Also, the fingertip controls make it easy to use without having to get up from your seat or lean forward at all.

Key Features

  • ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE – The J6800 is a premium massage chair that provides the ultimate in deep tissue massage. It has been designed to provide a more intense and deeper massage than other models on the market.
  • PREMIUM LCD CONTROLLER – This chair’s audio component also lends itself to a more relaxing experience by letting you stream music from your phone or device through its premium LCD controller.
  • 5 BACK STRENGTH LEVELS – This chair has five different strength levels for the back and neck areas, which allows it to adapt to your body type and needs, making it ideal for all users.

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

INADA DreamWave Japanese Quality Massage Chair

The INADA DreamWave Massage Chair is the perfect complement to your daily life. With patented body scanning technology, it delivers a tailor-made massage experience with ultra-relaxing shiatsu and soothing air cells that gently embrace your body. The signature dream-wave technology and an upgraded deep relaxation setting intensity any pre-programmed massage session. And with 16 pre-programmed massage sessions, you can customize your massage experience for every mood or occasion.

Key Features

  • 16 PRE-PROGRAMMED MASSAGE SESSIONS – This massage chair has been designed to enhance natural healing and wellness. It has the healing power of shiatsu massage and impeccable Japanese quality and design. It optimally enhances health and well-being while reducing stress.
  • SIGNATURE DREAM-WAVE TECHNOLOGY – With 16 pre-programmed massage sessions, the chair will give you a full-body experience that will leave you feeling completely relaxed after every use! This technology makes the Inada DreamWave massage chair so unique from other chairs on the market today! You have never laid eyes on anything quiet.
  • HAND-HELD REMOTE CONTROL – This feature allows you to control all aspects of your DreamWaveTM experience with ease!

JP1100 4D Massage Chair

JP1100 4D Japanese Massage Chair

The JP1100 4D massage chair is a revolutionary automated massager that provides a combination of advanced technological features and innovative design. With the ability to customize your massage experience, the chair offers an array of options for both relaxation and deep tissue massage.

The advanced 4D massage robot technology allows you to select from over 10 different types of massages, including rolling, kneading, tapping, and vibration. This massaging chair has been designed with your health in mind. Also, Ii’s equipped with infrared heat therapy that helps relieve muscle tension.

Key Features

  • ADVANCED 4D MASSAGE ROBOT – This robot gives you a massage like no other! The robot uses advanced pressure points to give you an amazing massage experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated after every use.
  • DUAL LAYER BODY SCAN – The JP1100 has the world’s most advanced dual layer body scan. It will measure and analyze your body shape and contours in order to determine which areas need more attention.
  • TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER – Its touch screen controller is easy to use, intuitive and responsive. It is designed with a mind so that you can have an amazing experience every time you use it!

INADA Sogno Massage Chair

INADA Sogno Japanese Quality Massage Chair

The INADA Sogno massage chair is designed to provide a massage experience that combines the latest in technology and design. It features a body scan system, which allows it to customize each massage session. This is achieved by mapping your body shape through touch sensors located at the headrests, arms, and seat of the chair. The sensors register your weight distribution, allowing the chair to adjust accordingly for maximum comfort and effectiveness during each session.

Key Features

  • A COMPREHENSIVE BODY COVERAGE – The INADA Sogno Massage Chair is a revolutionary massage chair that offers full-body coverage. It is the only massage chair in the world with an integrated body scanner, which uses infrared technology to scan your entire body and identify problem areas.
  • BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGY – This allows the Sogno to provide targeted treatment for specific areas of your body using Shiatsu Point Detection (SPD) Technology. The Sogno’s unique design allows it to deliver a more thorough and intuitive massage than other chairs on the market today.
  • ANCIENT EASTERN THERAPY – Inada has been providing health care solutions for over 50 years, combining ancient eastern therapy with modern technology. With 8 courses designed by professional therapists, you can choose from a variety of massages that will help you relax and unwind after a long day at work or school.

Daiwa Massage Chair

Daiwa Japanese Massage Chair

The Daiwa massage chair is an advanced product that features zero body experience. It has a long L-shaped massage track and uses rocking rotation technology to provide the best massaging experience possible. Also, the 3D scan system allows for pressure distribution on your back, neck, and shoulders. The heat therapy feature helps relax your muscles before or after a hard day’s work. This product comes with Bluetooth technology so you can stream music from your phone while you sit in it!

Key Features

  • SPECIAL HEAT THERAPY – This massage chair has the ability to sense your body temperature and adjust accordingly. It’s a perfect way to relax after a long day of work, or before bedtime.
  • ROCKING ROTATION TECHNOLOGY – The Daiwa Legacy has an extra-long L-shaped track that allows you to rock back and forth while receiving a relaxing massage. You can even rotate 30 degrees!
  • ZERO BODY EXPERIENCE – The best part of this chair is that it doesn’t require you to lay down on your stomach like other chairs do! You can sit up straight in complete comfort, while still enjoying all the benefits of its state-of-the-art technology.

Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium

Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium

The OS-4D PRO is a high output airbag massage chair that provides a full body massage experience. It has 12 levels of strength adjustment and 28 different types of massage techniques, including the Air Magic Massage System which uses high output airbags to provide a relaxing, soothing massage from your shoulders to your feet.

The Kiwami Mecha 4D Kneading Ball system delivers deep tissue kneading and muscle compression for an invigorating experience. The OS-4D PRO also features the Curving Track System which allows the backrest to automatically follow your spine.

Key Features

  • AIR MAGIC MASSAGE – It uses airbags to massage your body. The high capacity and high output airbags provide a massage to hold and wrap the entire body.
  • 4D KNEADING BALL SYSTEM – The rollers coming up to the curving track system plus controls of speed. It allows for the rollers to map your back with accuracy.
  • SOFT RUBBING MODE – This is good for a gentle, soothing massage that is ideal for those who like a lighter touch or are new to massages in general.
  • EASY TO USE – You can adjust it easily by yourself as you sit on it! No need for an assistant.

OHCO M.8 Luxury

OHCO M.8 Luxury Japanese Massage Chair

OHCO M.8 is a new generation of massage chair designed to make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. With unique rear-swinging doors, it allows you to lay down in the chair with ease. It features a zero-gravity movement that can be customized for your body type and preferences. The Air compression and roller kneading combine to give you a relaxing full-body massage experience. OHCO M.8 also has Bluetooth Speakers so that you can enjoy music while receiving a massage from the chair!

Key Features

  • REAR-SWINGING DOORS – The OHCO M.8’s rear-swinging doors open to a world of massage possibilities.
  • M-SENSE LIGHT POOL – A light pool at the footrest height creates a soothing atmosphere and enhances your experience.
  • ROLLER KNEADING COMBINE – Roller kneading combine with shiatsu massage to soothe your muscles and stimulate blood flow, enhancing the effects of each individual technique.

Japanese Massage Chair: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Japanese massage chair brands?

There are many brands of Japanese massage chairs available in the market, and some of them have an excellent reputation for quality. Among these brands, one example is Panasonic. 

Is it Worth Getting a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is an investment between $1000 for low-end or infrequent use, to upwards of $3000-4000 for high-quality, frequent use.

For the average person who uses it once a week, mid-range chairs are usually enough. If you are buying for someone who will use it more often, make sure they are willing to invest in a higher-quality model that provides an excellent massage.

Also, yes it is worth getting a chair because according to thervo.com, the average cost of an hourly professional massage is around $75.

So if you calculate this amount for a month, then you need to pay a massager center around $2250 per month for daily 1-hour use. As a good quality massager chair has a long lifespan, it’s around 6-7 years.

So again if you calculate the hourly rate for 7 years then you have to pay $1,89,000 for seven years. Although you don’t need to use a massage chair daily, it’s an average calculation for your better understand.

So we can confidently say, a good quality massage chair is really worth buying.

Do Japanese Massage Chairs Use a Lot of Electricity?

The average massage chair uses between 300-700 watts of electricity. As this number is for one hour, it would be around 2 days if you use it for 3 hours daily.

So it’s not a big issue, but you need to consider the electric bill amount if you are living in a place where electricity is expensive and limited.

Where to Buy / Warranty /Guarantee

The warranty and guarantee you get for a Japanese chair massage will vary depending on the company. However, it is usually 1-2 years during which you can return the product for any manufacturing defects that would be covered.

Where to buy it? In the market, there are some Japanese massage chairs available or you can buy from an online store like Walmart or Amazon. In fact, they have a good return policy and you can try it at your home.

Buy Japanese massage chair on amazon

Even if you buy online, you can see real user reviews and experiences. So it will help you to choose the best one or which one is worth buying.

In Conclusion

The last advice of Japanese massage chair review is to make sure the size and weight are appropriate. It should be able to fit into your desired area.

Finally, we have reviewed the top 7 Japanese massage chair that lets you experience therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home. We hope our reviews are helpful to you, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

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