9 Best Massage For Lower Back Pain

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Are you looking to know the best massage for lower back pain? What is the best massage for lower back pain technique? What are some of the tips to lower back pain relief by using a massager? Your all questions will be answered in this article.

If you suffer from lower back pain, there are many treatments that can be helpful. One of the best is a massage. You can ask me why massage is the best?

Massages can help reduce stress and relieve pain in your back by releasing tension and loosening tight muscles. One benefit of massage therapy for lower back pain is improving your mood, which leads to better sleep.

However, let’s get started to discuss the best massage for lower back pain. Before going to know the best type of massage, you should know about lower back pain.

What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a major health issue. Lower back pain starts in the lower part of your back and runs down to your buttocks, hips, legs, or feet.

Lower back pain

The pain may spread to your buttock, groin, thighs, and even into one foot. Lower back pain is generally caused by strained muscles in the lower back region.

Lower back pain is a common condition that affects around 80% of people in their lives. There are many things that can cause lower back pain.

The best way to avoid lower back pain is to exercise regularly and maintain good posture throughout your day-to-day life. If you already have lower back pain, there are treatments available for you as well!

Types of back pain

There are two types of back pain one is Chronic lower back pain and another is Acute lower back pain.

Chronic lower back pain: This is a long-term (longer than 3 months) persistent type of lower back pain. It feels like an ache or dull pain, usually at the lower part of your spine, although it can spread to other areas too. Also, some chronic low back pain or chronic muscle pain can cause severe pain in certain situations.

Acute lower back pain: This is sudden and usually short-term (lasting from a few days to 3 months). It is caused by muscle injury or strain. Acute lower back pain can be the result of an accident, but it can also have no clear source, called as nonspecific acute lower back pain.

Symptoms of low back pain

There are many symptoms of low back pain, including:

  • Low energy and motivation.
  • Aching or stiff muscles in the lower back region.
  • Pain that worsens when bending over or sitting for long periods of time.
  • Difficulty breathing deeply from a seated position.
  • The most common symptom is chronic stiffness in the lower back area with either no pain at all or pain that only occurs during physical activity such as running, climbing stairs, etc.

Causes of lower back pain

There are many causes of lower back pain, including:

  • Poor posture.
  • Muscular problems such as torn muscles or ligaments in the spine.
  • Problems with discs between vertebrae like a herniated disc which can cause intense pain. Herniated disks most often occur when people experience an injury to their back and they stay immobile for too long.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Age-related changes in spinal discs.
  • An injury that causes nerve damage.
  • Long periods of sitting or standing with poor posture can lead to chronic stiffness and muscle tightness in your upper body. This often leads to tension headaches as well as neck and shoulder pains.

9 Best Types of Massages For Lower Back Pain

There are many types of massage for relieving lower back body pain. The most popular are:

(1) Gluteus medius muscle massage:

Your hips are balanced at the same time you stand on one leg. A problem with hip muscle is a cause of discomfort for lower back and upper back pain.

Lower back pain sometimes referred to as lumbago or sciatica can be also caused by overuse of weak abdominal muscles, quadratus lumborum, and gluteus medius muscles.

The pain is felt in the lower back, buttock, thigh, or knee (pain can sometimes be experienced in both legs). Treatment is specific to the muscle involved after correct diagnosis by a health professional.

(2) Shiatsu massage:

This type of massage uses the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply more pressure on certain areas. It can be used for many types of ailments, such as asthma or depression. In particular, it’s very good at relieving lower back pain.

(3) Deep Tissue Massage:

The goal of deep tissue massage technique is not just to relieve muscle tension. It also releases scar tissue in order to loosen muscles that have been immobilized by injury or chronic inflammation.

Also, deep tissue massage takes a longer time than other massage techniques because more intense rubbing is done with lubricant during deep probing strokes.

(4) Trigger point massage:

Trigger point massage is highly concentrated knots of muscle tension that can form in your muscles and cause the cell membranes to remain stimulated even after a muscle has been relaxed-causing lower back discomfort.

Trigger point massage

Trigger points massage therapy involves using hands, elbows, or other techniques to apply pressure directly on these triggers so that the muscle spasms can be released.

If you have a tight back, be sure to release all of the tension in your body rather than just focusing on the lower back muscles.

(5) Thai Yoga Massages:

Gentle stretching Thai Yoga massage therapy or technique developed in Thailand over 400 years ago, Thai Yoga massages use stretches from India’s ancient Hatha Yoga traditions to help reduce stress and joint stiffness, improve blood circulation, and promote deeper relaxation and neck pain.

(6) Swedish Massage:

One of the best types of massage for lower back pain is a Swedish massage that uses long soothing strokes. Also, Swedish massage is designed to improve better blood circulation. So you should remember that It’s best to have this done by a trained professional.

The basic steps of Swedish massage are effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement. However, Effleurage and Petrissage are the most important parts of any massage that is designed for relaxation. So Swedish massage is good for any lower back pain.

(7) Shiatsu Massage Therapy:

These techniques use finger or palm pressure on certain parts of the body. The goal is to apply enough force to break up muscle tension and relax connective tissues.

It also helps to stimulate the body’s circulatory system, energy flow, or Qi (“chi”). Also, Shiatsu massage can improve sleep quality, relieve stress and anxiety, help with high blood pressure, reduce feelings of depression, and good for reducing lower back pain.

(8) Acupressure:

Acupressure massage therapy is a very popular massage technique because it helps to release tension and stress. It can also be used to help regulate hormones in the body. It’s one of the best types of massage for lower back pain.

(9) Back massager:

You can use a good back massager to massage your back. A lot of people prefer to use this type of massager because they are easy to use at home, and you can do it yourself.

You don’t need any help from a professional massage therapist in order for you to get relief from the pain in your back. You can read my other guide on how long Should you use a back massager?

Natural treatments for low back pain

Many people experience lower back pain and it can be mild or severe. If you find that your low back pain is more intense then try these natural treatments to relieve the discomfort:

  • Medication options like over-the-counter ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and muscle relaxants.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods such as omega fatty acids in fish oil supplements, nuts, and olive oils.
  • Massage therapy for relief of tension throughout the whole body, including the neck and shoulders.

Some Advice For Lower Back Pain

Advice 1#

Use a foam roller to stretch and release tight, sore muscles. The best way to do this is by sitting up straight on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Then put one end of the foam roller under your buttocks and position it at a comfortable height.

next, lean back onto the other end so that pressure is evenly distributed through both but cheeks as they come into contact with the support surface.

Now roll slowly away from yourself until you feel a pull or tension easing in your lower back muscles.

Advice 2#

Lying down, bend over while pressing firmly alongside the spine (both hands should be placed near ribcage). This will help relieve muscles pain due to muscle spasms. Repeat on the other side.

Advice 3#

If you suffer from chronic pain that’s been around for more than three months, it might be best to see a doctor and get diagnosed with what exactly is causing your lower back discomfort.

Advice 4#

Drink plenty of water daily, eat natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly so that stress can be released from your whole body. These could also help relieve lower back pain symptoms naturally.

How do I find a massage therapist for back pain?

The best way to find a qualified massage therapist for back pain is to ask friends, family, and co-workers if they know anyone who knows of someone.

You can also ask at your local health food store or fitness center. They often have referrals. Another option is searching online for a massage therapist in your area that specializes in lower back discomfort. Also, you can ask your nearest physical therapist to refer one to a qualified massage therapist.

Physical Therapist Treats Your Low Back Pain At Home!

In Conclusion

There are a variety of massage types for reducing lower back pain, but some people may find relief with one over another. A common misconception about massages is that they are painful.

In reality, most people experience an overall feeling of relaxation during and after their massage session. I hope the above types of massage can help to reduce your lower back pain.


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