How Long Should You Use A Back Massager?

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Massage therapy was invented thousands of years ago. It has proved to be very useful in terms of physical and mental treatment. Suppose you suffer from back pain, muscle pain, anxiety, stress, and other kinds of aches. In that case, we’ll suggest you get massage therapy.

Among all sorts of ailments, back pain is one of the most common problems. You’ll find very few people who haven’t suffered from back pain in some part of their life. Especially for aged people, it has become a significant problem. In some cases, it becomes a necessity to use a back massager.

But how long should you use a back massager? Keep in mind that your relaxation method must not become a danger to your health. Stay with us till the end of the article and know the limits of using it.

What Is Back Massage?

A back massage is a type of pressure massage that is performed on the back. In the human torso, the back is the posterior side that is situated right above the buttocks.

The vertebral column runs through the center of the back, which starts from the neck. Any small problem (external or internal) in those areas will cause you pain. Again, several nerves run through the vertebral column.

Therefore, any stress can cause you chronic back pain. The back massage helps you to get rid of those pains and get relaxed by yourself.

Benefits of a Back Massage

The most significant benefits of a back massage are relief and relaxation. It’ll also reduce the tightness of the muscle and let the muscles feel relaxed. If you have any blood circulation problems, the back massage will help you improve circulation.

It also helps to reduce back pain and realigns the back muscles. If you’re suffering from anxiety and depression, a smooth back massage will set your mood, or you can say it’ll boost your positivity.

That is because relaxing the muscles is necessary for relieving tension or stress. The back massage also counteracts your poor sitting posture.

Why Do You Need A Back Massage?

There are many reasons to take a back massage. Many people are suffering from back pain and headaches due to stress. Taking a back massage has proved its effectiveness in reducing back pain.

Again, you might be suffering from muscle pain in the back. There’s no alternative to taking a back massage to reduce the pain. It’ll also improve your posture.

Suppose you had an accident and got injured on the back. So in this case which type of massage you’ll take after an accident or injury. Sometimes after the treatment, the pain will not go away forever. The doctors suggest having a back massage to reduce the pain of existing injuries regularly.

How Long Should You Use a Back Massager?

Well, you can use a back massager four times per week. But experts say that it depends on the types of massages you want or you have to get. A specific duration or frequency and massage sessions are fixed based on your injuries or pain.

Suppose you are suffering from serious injuries. Therefore, the doctors might suggest a regular session which can continue over months. Again, if you have some headache or anxiety, you can have sessions that can last about a week or two on gravity massager chairs.

Therefore, it’ll be best to consult a doctor or massage therapist, or other medical professionals before starting any massage therapy.

Can You Overuse A Back Massager?

Mainly, there are two types of massagers. They are manual massagers and electric massagers.

For the manual one, you can overuse the massager. If you have an armchair, you can use it as a manual massager. It’ll remove your neck and shoulder pain along with back pain.

But if you are using an electric one, then the session should not last more than 10 minutes. It’s recommended not to exceed the duration. That’s because overdoing the massage can cause cell damage.

Another drawback will be muscle pain because of having deep tissue massage for an exceeding duration.

Is Back Massager Good For You?

Our answer will be positive. Just imagine a regular 15 minutes massage is removing your tension, pain, and stress. Then, how is the back massage not good for you?

It also helps to add conventional medical care for back pain. If you lie down on a bed without taking massage therapy, you won’t even recover from back pain in several months. It’ll also remove the neck and shoulder pain, as they’re related to the vertebral column.

But you have to remember the different types of massage have various drawbacks. For example, you’ll not face such negative impacts of a back massage if done by human touch.

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But when the message has become electric, you have to know the limits. Otherwise, those benefits will become the reasons for your health damage.

How Often Should You Use A Back Massager?

A back massage will provide you maximum benefits when used at short intervals, around 15 minutes. But there are some differences in usage.

For example, if you had lower back pain or shoulder pain, your usage time should be 3 to 4 times per week. But when the purpose is stress relief or relaxation, massaging 1 to 3 times per week will serve the purpose.

Which One Should You Use?

It’s totally up to you. There are some best back massage options out there, like deep tissue massage, sports massage, chair massage, shiatsu massage, etcetera, etc. It would help if you choose according to your needs. But keep in mind that it’ll be better to consult an expert about the sessions.

In Conclusion

As we come to the end of the discussion, we hope you find the answer of how long should you use a back massager. Using a back massager is for reducing pain and stress. Do not overuse it in a way that might give you pain.

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