3 Tim Tam Power Massager Reviews To Help You Choose One

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After a workout and sport, sore muscles are a common subject for us. But extreme workouts or dedicated sports results in tension in the muscles. Now to get rid of this stiffness, you can use a foam roller or something else. 

If you think that  you need a more effective way, you can use a power massage tool.

Today we will cover 3 Tim Tam power massager reviews and help you choose one. You will also know where you can use it and how a user can choose a power massager.

We know that excellent percussion massagers can improve health and quick recovery of muscles. So this article gives you all the information about Tim Tam massager. 

3 Tim Tam Power Massager Reviews

Tim tam power massagers are dedicated to individuals and groups as well. Now here are three products that caught our eyes.

TimTam Power Massager v1.5 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This one is the second-generation deep tissue massage gun from Tim Tam. It improves in both durability and power than the earlier version. Moreover, the latest version is excelent for overall performance of the gun.

Tissue Massage Gun

You can rely on this heavy-duty percussion massager to break knots from stiff tissue. It improves the blood flow and release lactic acid from the affected area. Tim Tam claims that the gun can help even in chronic pain.  

Tissues get damaged from working out or from sports practice. When a user heals the sore on the muscle, the gun minimizes the pain after doing the massage. This method will send a signal to release hormones and elevate the pain automatically.

Work on hard angles: Tim Tam v1.5 has an articulating head to reach difficult areas of the body. You can massage your calves, quads, hamstring, hips, etc. The head can rotate to a 90° lockable position to reach the curves of the body. Most of the time, you can reach uncomfortable muscles on your own.

If you are trying to massage on your back, you will require a partner. With 2000 strokes per minute, you can realize effective recoveries which can significantly improve massaging benefits.

Different attachments according to use: Tim Tam Power massager comes with a gearbox and one attachment. The gun can connect with six different heads, but you have to buy them separately. You can use the heated tip to warm up muscles before a workout and keep cool down head for post-workout.

Battery Life: Battery life of a power massage gun is not a concerning factor unless you use it as a coach. Most power massage guns take only 2 to 3 minutes to fix muscle stiffness. But Tim Tam can stay up for 30 minutes. For mass use, we recommend getting an extra battery.


  • Healing is visible after using the gun directly on the sore muscles.
  • Very durable and sturdy, failing chances are very thin.
  • The 90° articulation makes it a perfect hard-to-reach area massager.
  • It can target multiple areas on demand of the muscles.
  • Tim Tam power massager v1.5 is a lightweight and portable device. 


  • Powerful yet too noisy. The sound is annoying while massaging the neck.
  • Comes with a single attachment.

Tim Tam Power Massager Pro – Handheld Percussion Massager

Tim Tam Power Massager Pro is a versatile deep tissue massage gun. This percussive therapy massage gun takes minimum recovery time and performance to the next level. It is a pro-level recovery gun and improves the workout session much higher than usual.

Personal Therapy Massaging Gun

One of the most exciting features is an antimicrobial massage tip to prevent contamination. The gun has a heated auto tip for recovering deep tissue with a hot massage. You will get a vibration tip as well.

Having a LED display of this gun, anyone would love it. The display provides multiple health reports. You can maximize the power of a pro massage gun using the power control feature.

Besides, when you want heat treatment massage, you can use the heat sensor of the gun. For the powering, the gun has a lithium-ion battery that you can charge with the charger.

5 and 3 presets for massage: The gun already has 5 different presets to make it easy and quick use for you, and 3 presets is beneficial for deep massage. Either you are an individual or a professional, this massage gun is a blessing. Starting from warm-up, you can use it on every part of your body.

Both the neck and lumbar areas are very delicate, so you shouldn’t add much pressure to these areas. Keeping in this mind, Tim Tam has added dedicated neck and lumbar massage settings for getting maximum benefits while massaging. But the sound of this massage gun can sometimes be unbearable.

Different Deep Tissue Massage for Different Muscle Group: The gun can deliver 3 types of deep tissue massage at 3 variable speeds. So set the gun at 1000 RPM for a smooth and relaxing deep tissue massage in a less muscular area (Neck and shoulder). For the mid muscular area like caves and upper arms, use it at 2000 RPM.

Hot Massage and Hygiene: Some sore muscles need heat massage to recover faster. The Pro-level massage gun can have an automatic hit tip that determines the body heat and increases its temperature. You can get a 99.5° F heat massage from this gun.

Another feature we like about the massager is that it kills bacteria. This is a perfect solution for those who hate using anything without cleaning them. You can use the same gun as a massager of a muscle group.

Easy Anywhere Use: Due to the quiet brushless motor, you can use the high-powered massage gun in any public place. Either you are in your office or going back home, use the gun to get rid of soreness.  

The 175° rotating head makes it easy for you to work on any part of your body. Moreover, the one-touch mechanism will give you the experience of a sole workout. 

Train hard and improve performance: Research shows that right massaging releases a lot of lactic acids from the stiff parts after working out. This increases blood flow, which decreases soreness. For this, massaging regularly improves performance by 2 to 5%.

Any massage gun is much better than a foam roller. 30 minutes on a foam roller is equal to 5 minutes of Tim Tam power massager pro.

Battery life: We assure you 1 hour of battery life is more than enough for a massage gun. If you want to recharge, you will do it anytime.


  • Auto heating and auto vibrating massage gun that works according to the user’s body structure.
  • Power massage pro makes only 10dB sound at the lowest speed.
  • Combat effective recovery can significantly help you.
  • Temperature sensor to identify the optimal hot massage using the heated tip.


  • Quite expensive than competitors.
  • No small tip for smaller knots and joints.

Tim Tam Power Massager -Get an effective handheld deep tissue massage

The Tim Tam Power massager is an inexpensive gun that is dedicated to athletes and coaches. Well, you are not limited to using this even if you are not in these categories.

Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes

This massager works on targeted muscle groups and delivers intense treatment to reduce muscle soreness. The new power massager is very quiet because it produces only 25dB of sound even on the top 2500 RPM. 

With the help of a 90 ° articulating head, you can work on most parts of your body on your own. 

It comes with a carrying case and protection pads. The protection pads on the case make it a travel-ready device from the day you get it.

Hard massage for deep relaxation: The power massager can hit hard on stiff muscles to increase the blood flow. It helps to maintain essential health and an effective muscle recovery process.

Supports Multiple Massage Equipment: The original product comes with only one round bulb for multiple muscle groups. But you can buy other massaging tools as you can. 

Battery Life: Though the battery life is not long, but 40 minutes is perfect. Besides, battery replacement is much easier than other models.


  • Powerful massager for quick relief
  • Weight is less than most other massagers and easy to carry.
  • 90° rotating head for versatile use.
  • Supports different equipment, including cold and hot tips.


  • It comes with only one piece of massage equipment.
  • Speed is not variable.

Final Advice

Here we have shared 3 Tim Tam power massager reviews. You can buy any of this list. But remember a powerful massager is a must for gym enthusiasts and professional sportspeople. In some situations, you can get a muscle cramp.

A deep tissue power massage gun can come in handy in these situations to get instant relief. The massage gun from Tim Tam is okay with any user. For those who like a comfortable massage, we highly recommend the Tim Tam Power massager Pro.

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