Why Drink Water After Massage? Expert Explain and Recommendation

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What do you chase after a long session of exercise or massage? Of-course a glass full of cold water! Nothing can refresh you more than that. There are a lot of myths revolving around the fact of drinking water after a massage. Many experts say that it can bring benefits while many of them disagree. But what’s the truth?

Today, we will share why should drink water after a massage. Let’s move on to the details to know the truth!

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Why Drink Water After Massage?

After a massage, it’s usual to feel dehydrated. Dehydration can cause further tiredness and fatigue. To eliminate dehydration, drinking 1 or 2 glasses full of water is necessary just after the massage. But there are more reasons behind drinking water after a massage.

During a massage, your body loses water because you sweat a lot. As your circulatory system works more profoundly during the massage, your body cells use more energy and water to go through that phase.

Also, your organs require more water to keep working in between the change of usual body functionalism. As a result, your body uses more water during the massage than at regular times.

We all know the kidney is the hero that works behind our daily metabolic waste. Our kidney processes the wastages of our body and helps us clear those out easily. Here, water plays a vital role to cleanse everything that’s inside of the body and that needs to be eliminated through our body as well.

When you take a massage, your body collects those waste materials more and your kidney acts upon those quickly. As a result, lack of water (dehydration in one word) can delay the procedure or even harm your body.

After the massage, your body collects the wastages quickly and lets your kidney deal with those. So drinking water post-massage is essential to get rid of those wastages. Not only wastages, but your body also collects toxins and lets those sink into your bloodstream during the massage.

Afterward, when you drink water, the water helps you clear those toxins out of you. Overall, drinking water after a massage will help your body deal with the toxins, waste, and dehydration in a better way.

How Much Water Should You Drink After a Massage?

Not only dehydration and toxins, drinking water after massage also helps you reduce the soreness of your body. So it will be a multidirectional achievement through a single task.

But what should be the quantity?

Well, drinking excessive water after a massage can do more harm than good. Also, drinking less water than your body requires will bring dehydration and other difficulties as well.

We found the information from different licensed massage therapists; it actually depends on every individual. If you usually drink less water than required, you might need to drink at least 2-3 glasses full of water after the massage. But if you are always well-hydrated, you can drink 1-2 glasses full of water and it will work well.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you got the right direction from us on why drink water after a massage. Massages are dehydrating, so drinking water is more like a need after the massage.

Water works more like a sports medicine after the long massage. As it also helps the post-massage factors, you should take this seriously. So drink as much water as you crave for after that massage!

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