Best Handheld Massagers In 2021 (Reviewed + Guides)

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Have you ever experienced an aching neck and shoulder? It’s not only unpleasant, but it can be debilitating. If you’re looking for the best handheld massager for the neck and shoulders to bring some relief, then continue reading! 

A good handheld massager is one of the most important tools in any massage therapist’s arsenal. Not only massager therapist, but also good for people who are suffering any muscle pain.

A well-made handheld massage device will deliver targeted deep tissue pressure that helps release muscle tension & pain. What makes it even better is that they are portable so you can take them with you anywhere. 

However, in this blog post, we’ll explore & reviews some of the top-rated devices on Amazon to help relieve your sore muscles no matter where life takes you! So let’s get started…

Best Hand Massagers Comparison Chart

Features To Consider While Buying A Handheld Massager

Best handheld massagers can help reduce stress and pain in the neck, shoulder, back, or arms. A perfect handheld massager is not just a handheld tool but also a piece of equipment to heal your own aches and muscle pains.

It’s important to know which type of massage device and features that you should look into when buying one because different people have different preferences when it comes to massage or massage therapy.

Some people opt for cordless massagers while others prefer massagers with cords. Following are the highlights of some important features that you should look into the next time you want to buy an excellent quality handheld massager device.

Wattage and size:

If you want a really powerful massager, then you should go for massagers with higher wattage. Usually, the more the wattage is, the more powerful it will be. You also consider how big you want your tool to be because some people don’t prefer a bulky massage tool that’s why they opt for smaller massagers.

Speed variation:

You have to be able to control the speed of the massager. So most handhelds massagers allow you to choose from a variety of speeds so that you can adjust according to your preference.

Mode selection:

There are many electric handheld massagers with preset modes while others come without any mode selection at all. It’s better for you if you have one with choosing modes so you can adjust it according to your needs.

Corded or Cordless massager:

Some people prefer having a cord that allows them to move around without the hassle of recharging their battery while others find this option restricting and they rather stick with those who are cordless. It’s better for you if you choose any massager which will fit your workload and your personal preference.


The frequency of the handhelds provides relaxation to the user by stimulating blood circulation through vibration. It can be found in most massagers as it’s one of its main features.

Intensity levels:

The intensity levels of massage can be adjusted by pressing the button at a lower level or tapping up to create higher vibrations in the nodes. This is most helpful when treating sensitive areas such as the face and neck.

Massage nodes:

The benefits of massage nodes of a handheld massager are endless, you’ll feel relaxed and free from pain after every session. Handheld massagers are small hand-held sized appliances with multiple nodes that serve as an alternative to the ordinary, more expensive massaging devices.

Also, they are used to soothe specific aches and pains you may have on your neck, shoulders, arms, or legs. The nodes of a handheld massager provide an intense vibration that can loosen up tight muscles and reduce soreness in a matter of minutes even this is good for deep tissue massage. So you should consider this feature.

5 Best Handheld Massagers Review

Opove M3 Pro Max Massager

as of August 3, 2021 3:42 am

The Opove M3 Pro Max is a handheld massage device that comes with four preset massaging speeds, five interchangeable heads, and 15mm of massage amplitude that can be used on the back, legs, and arms. Also, it has a maximum of 3,300 percussions pulses per minute that lets you get a smooth massaging experience.

This therapeutic deep tissue percussion machine has four hours of battery (Lithium-ion battery) life and an ergonomic design making it convenient to use for those who want a relaxing experience after a long day of work or play.

The Opove M3 Pro Max is considered the best handheld personal massager. It has the ability to deliver targeted high-amplitude massage to anywhere in the human whole body.

This product draws its energy from the user’s hand. The operator can simply squeeze the handle to initiate therapy while enjoying a relaxing vibration or oscillation that penetrates deep into the muscle tissue.

It offers a manual and auto-mode function that lets users achieve powerful results without requiring any effort. With its strong heads, it enhances comfort and convenience of use while maximizing effectiveness in performance.

The company offers a 30-day complete return and 12 months service warranty.

What we like

  • Four preset massaging speeds
  • Five interchangeable head
  • 15mm of massage amplitude
  • 3300 percussions pulse per minute
  • Therapeutic deep tissue massage

What we didn’t like

  • Battery charge issue
  • Doesn’t rotate properly

Thumper Mini Pro 2 Handheld Massager (Our Best Pick)

21 new from $208.95
1 used from $179.03
Free shipping
as of August 3, 2021 3:42 am

Tumper mini pro 2 is a percussive electric massager that allows you to work on various problem areas of the body. It’s one of the best handheld massagers that comes with deep penetrating action. The device employs two spheres in its head, each made from strong plastic polymer.

Also, the silicon ball is a hard rubber that allows it to be used over clothes or even on wet skin for easy penetration into sore muscles. Besides, its powerful motor gives you smooth rolling benefits while massaging.

It’s very lightweight and easy to use. This handheld deep tissue body massager is ideal for any type of massage. It offers a 2-year warranty so if you are looking for the best handheld massager that is durable and strong then buy the Thumper Mini Pro 2 Body Massager.

What we like

  • Deep penetrating actions
  • Full body deep massage
  • Strong plastic polymer
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Two years warranty
  • Powerful motors

What we didn’t like

  • Poor customer service
  • Bit expensive

TimTam Power Massager Pro

as of August 3, 2021 3:42 am

TimTam power massager pro has a 175-degree head that will be the best bundle you are likely to get for your money. It includes a percussion massage function with heating and metal tips, an app-enabled transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device with 15 voltage levels, and even a heated battery-backed.

TimTam pro is available in five settings: Manual or Electric, 5 heat settings, and 5 manual, electric and heated settings. It’s also good for a silent sound. So all love this soulless device. Moreover, it offers three deep tissue speeds that deliver up to 2800 stocks per minute. So that it’s another good for deep tissue massage along with other muscle pain.

Besides, TimTam Pro has a rotating head that rotates over 180 degrees for a full-length massage with ease. This electric massage device is suitable for both professional use in clinics as well as home use for elderly parents.

TimTam offers 12 months service warranty for their product. Getting warranty service you have to provide valid reasons of warranty to them.

What we like

  • An automatic heated tip
  • Optimal targetted temperature
  • 3 deep tissue speed
  • Smoother power and quieter operation
  • One-touch trigger
  • 100% self-use

What we didn’t like

  • Cheaply made construction
  • Bit expensive

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager (Ovrall Good)

14 new from $129.00
1 used from $102.07
Free shipping
as of August 3, 2021 3:42 am

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager is the most portable, affordable, and effective self-massage tool on the market. The Thumper Sport’s patented design delivers 20 to 40 percussive pulses at a time, allowing you to work out sore muscles and improve circulation in just 10 minutes a day.

This lightweight massager comes with two interchangeable spheres for full body massage, so you can target specific muscle groups or work out tension in your entire body. Also, adjustable speeds allow you to customize your session based on what feels best for your body.

Thumper percussive massager can be used on any part of the body where you feel tightness or soreness that needs attention. You can use it while sitting at your desk at work, watching TV, or even riding a stationary bike!

Also, the Thumper Sport is an advanced version of the original Thumper model with new features such as interchangeable spheres and a feedback system. It offers a 2-year limited warranty for valued customers.

What we like

  • Long handle and 12 cord allows full body massage
  • 20 to 40 percussive pulse at a time
  • Interchangeable sphere
  • quieter operation and lightweight
  • Two-year warranty
  • Adjustable speed

What we didn’t like

  • Complex return policy
  • Pretty weak body

Renpho Rechargeable Handheld Massager

2 new from $39.99
Free shipping
as of August 3, 2021 3:42 am

Renpho is a rechargeable handheld deep tissue massage tool that has five different head massages in the package. It can provide varying massage techniques for various parts of your body. It releases 3,500 pulses at a time to help alleviate muscle pain.

At this stage, the machine will not be operating for more than 20 minutes to prevent overheating because it has an automatic overheating stop function. This massager is among the heavier models in our list of the best handheld massagers and the benefit is quick relief from aches, stiffness, and pain from deep tissue.

The Renpho handheld massager is a rechargeable machine that can be used on your feet, legs, arms, shoulders, and back. It uses V-shaped rotary heads to knead and massage the target area, with varying speeds.

This device has a high massage intensity compared to other models in our review, which is useful for people who need to relax their muscles after a long day of work but might not have time for an in-depth body massage. It also provides deep muscle pain relief by placing the massager against your sore muscles.

The 5 interchangeable heads give you a choice between kneading, rolling, and vibrating massage techniques. Each of the rotating heads are made from high-quality silicone that can be cleaned with soap and water after use.

What we like

  • Deep penetrating actions; full body massage
  • Powerful motors
  • 3600 pulse at a time
  • Overheating prevention
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Longer battery life

What we didn’t like

  • No warranty
  • Poor battery

Benefits Of Using A Handheld Massager

You’ll get many benefits after using a good quality handheld massager. Most of the benefits come from the fact that you can use it anywhere. You don’t need to be at home or in a gym to get relief from your neck, lower back, sciatica, and more.

Below are the most common benefits.

Better looking skin:

One of the most benefits of using a handheld massager is better-looking skin. Using a handheld muscle massager can help to boost the production of collagen, making your skin look and feel smoother.

Better mood:

A study found that people who used a handheld massager for even just five minutes were less stressed, had an improved mood, and felt better about themselves.

Improved sleep:

Using a handheld massager before bed can help people fall asleep faster and more deeply than they normally. This also helps you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning instead of tired with dark circles under your eyes.

Pain relief:

A well-rated handheld massage dramatically reduces pain for hours after usage. Also, If you use a massager for a long time, it’ll release endorphins which are natural pain killers.

Relieves anxiety:

Massages are also a great way to relieve anxiety and stress, reducing the risk of some serious mental health issues that can have lasting effects on your life.


Handheld massagers are typically small, portable, and lightweight for easy maneuvering. So you can carry it on the go to work, the gym, or while traveling.


You can purchase a handheld massager for a relatively low cost. The price range of the most top-rated brands is $25 to $150. But some popular brands can be found for as low as $15.

Handheld Massager Buyer’s Guide

A handheld massager is a portable device for home use available in different designs. It can also be called a vibrator or massager wand, which helps to reduce the stress and pain from your neck, back and shoulders by stimulating the muscles. This means that you have to hold it in a particular manner while using it.

Below are the buying guides for a handheld massager. If you’re looking for the best handheld massager, this small guide will help you make a selection.


Some massage tools can be used to do other things besides massaging. You should make sure to look out for such versatile options before buying one.


The design of the machine plays a major role in determining its performance. If the machine doesn’t have a good design, it may not give you the results that you require.

Massage techniques:

There are various types of massage techniques. Before buying a handheld massager, it’s important to know the different kinds of massage that it offers so that you can buy a device that meets your requirements.


If your handheld massager comes with more options, then it tends to be better than those with fewer options. These days, most handheld massagers come with a lot of options for users to choose from. However, make sure that you read the manual book before purchasing one.

Heat therapy:

Heat therapy offers comfort and relaxation while helping relax and reducing aches & pains. One of the advantages of using heat therapy is that it can be a beneficial method of treating stiffness and cramping in muscles. Of course, heat therapy is available for other conditions such as stress, depression, muscle spasms, etc. So you should check head therapy feature that is available or not.

Adjustable speed:

A hand massager with adjustable power settings is more flexible than a massager that doesn’t use the automatic mode. Having the speed settings feature selected to personalized each massage will allow for more customization in terms of massage experience. Eventually, it can be very useful. If you want to feel like relaxation you can control your massager speed at its low speed and enjoy one.


The weight of a hand massager is critical in determining the effectiveness of your massage session. In general, the heavier machine will be effective because it can be used to relieve pain quickly. The heavier handheld deep tissue massager is better it will cater to people who suffer from chronic back pains or tendinitis.

Massage heads:

Massage heads are an important component of handheld massagers. There are many different types of massage heads available for hand-helds. While there is not a single best head, different people may prefer different kinds of heads.

So the head shape, surface textures, and attachments like nubs or ball-shaped protrusions can provide varied experiences in one tool. Moreover, you can mix and match several heads on one massager. Each head is designed for a different massage function, so it’s crucial to pick the right head for you.

For example, if you are massaging your calves, which have very little fat tissue, you will prefer a smooth surface that does not catch much on those sensitive skin areas.

Power cord length:

The power cord length is one of the best factors for the flexibility of the massaging device. Shorter cords will force you to use an extension cord or stay near the wall plug.

On the other hand, if you get a massager which has a very long power cord it might be cumbersome to move around with it. In general long cords are preferable to short ones because they allow you to change the position of the massaging device and you can do this without being near the power source.

Battery life:

Most brands offer a lifetime warranty for their products against any such defect that impairs battery time and performance. It should be your first priority to buy such products only from genuine suppliers like Amazon etc.

So before buying any handheld massager, you should check out whether the product offers any warranty of battery. If it doesn’t, you should think twice before buying.

FAQs About Your New Handheld Massager

Ask if you may have bad side effects during a massage. Read on for common questions concerning these devices.

What are handheld massagers?

Mainly a handheld massager is a device that is used to massage the body. There are different types of handheld massagers, which all have their own benefits and uses. 

The majority of handheld massagers on the market are electric devices operated with batteries or an electrical cord plugged into a wall socket.

However, a handheld massager allows you to massage your body anytime, anywhere without the need of someone else’s help or expensive equipment such as an electric table or chair and personal trainer! 

Also, these gadgets can be found in many shops and online stores for purchase at a reasonable price.

What types of handheld massagers available on the market today?

There are many different types of handheld massagers available on the market today. Below is a list of some of the most popular. 

The most common types of handheld massagers are corded and have a rotating barrel. The user is able to use this type of massager by rolling it up and down their body.

Another type of handheld massager available on the market today includes vibration functions as well, which can be used in much of the same way as those without vibration functions. 

The third type of handheld massager is similar to the first, but it has a different design and functions. The user has to insert their finger into an opening at the end of the barrel that will cause vibrations when they turn on or roll up and down their body.

What should I consider when choosing the best massager?

To enjoy the best massage from a massager, you need to understand what type of machine you are working with. There are different types of massagers for different purposes and their features vary accordingly.

For example, if it’s going to be used on a smaller surface area such as the back or legs then it’ll have lesser rolling heads compared to the one that will be used on the neck or shoulders.

Are there any special types of massagers?

The latest trend is using handheld and cordless massagers which are more convenient to use, especially for the elderly who have limited energy levels or those with stiffer bones due to old age. But, choose the right machine according to your needs.

In Conclusion

A handheld massager is one of the most popular types of therapeutic devices. Best handheld massagers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors but they all have two basic functions massage and vibration.

According to our research and review the Thumper Mini Pro 2 hand massager is better suited for any type of massage and pain. So we highly recommend this one for you. But you can use any of them, so check all features and choose according to your needs.

Here’s a quick guide on what these handheld devices do, some benefits of using them, and how to choose the right device for you. We hope you will be able to find the right device for your needs!

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