8 Disadvantages of Massage chair FOR YOUR Conscious

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Before buying a massage chair, you should know the 8 most important disadvantages of massage chairs.

There are many health benefits that come with using a massage chair, and they provide maximum comfort for the whole family. It is not necessary to have a massage therapist when buying a massage chair. Even though the massage chair has many advantages, it also has several disadvantages.

Additionally, everything in life has both pros and cons. You don’t have to worry if you’re wondering whether massage chairs have any disadvantages since this article illustrates some of them.


1) Limited functional capacity:

Massage chairs offer a variety of benefits, such as relieving pain & aches, reducing stress, and improving blood circulation. It also has its limits, even though they have numerous functionality and perfect features.

Nevertheless, they are still ineffective because some cases require the assistance of a professional specialist to function properly.

Additionally, massage therapists are usually familiar with the types of injuries. To avoid affecting the body’s function, they know what pressure to apply on a specific muscle pain group model. In this case, the massage chair doesn’t do like the human.

2) Storage and installation

Massage chairs are generally bulky and heavy, which makes installation difficult. Moreover, they require considerable space for installation and storage. Because of this, anyone with a limited amount of space cannot install and store the massage chair effectively.

3) User weight and height restriction

If you are more than 220 pounds or 6 feet tall, make sure you look at the product description and features before buying it. A majority of brands specify the maximum weight and height for their products.

Moreover, multiple massage chairs can accommodate up to a height of 6’2″ and a weight of 240 lbs. It is likely that these restrictions will prevent you from getting the best massage chair.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Luraco iRobotics plus medical massage chair, which can hold up to 6’7″ and 240 lbs.

4) Limited functional areas

The massage chair has its limitations since it can only massage specific areas of the body and does not guarantee a full body massage. The massage works effectively on several joints, including the neck, the back, and the knees. However, they cannot reach some areas like the face, among others.

5) Wrong use can lead to injury:

The spine and joints of the body are not designed to carry weight, so if you use them for an extended period while sitting in a massage chair it can lead to injury.

Massage chairs give you a relaxing feeling, but it’s important to remember that they are not replacements for actual massages from a professional.

Massage chairs will not be beneficial for people with disabilities:  It is important to make sure that your physical condition allows you to use a massage chair.

So wrong use of massage chairs can lead to injury, so it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor before using massage chairs.

6) It can’t replace a professional massage:

Any AI gadget or tool can never replace a professional human massage. So if you use a massage chair for an extended period of time, you can never get the desired results like a professional.

Many doctors and massage professionals say that massage chairs are good for relaxation and to get rid of stress, but they would never recommend them as a replacement for actual massages.

7) Can be a problem for low blood pressure users:

People who suffer from low blood pressure would be unable to experience the benefits of massage chairs because there is a certain limit for this gadget. So they would never recommend this gadget for low blood pressure users.

According to the explanation of the experts, low blood pressure can get worse when people get shocked or stressed out. In other words, massage chairs would be a disaster for them.

Therefore, do not recommend it for people who suffer from low blood pressure.

8) Price

A massage chair costs less than going to a massage therapist every week. These come with hefty price tags as well. The majority of cheap massage chairs on Amazon.com are of poor quality, so if you need the benefits associated with a high-quality chair, you should avoid them.

Furthermore, quality massage chairs probably cost $10,000 or more, but with $2,000, you can get a perfect chair. It is important to be aware of the price implications when purchasing a massage chair. You should also be aware that you need to invest a significant amount of money in buying suitable options for regular use.


Is a massage chair good for the elderly?

Massage chairs are good for everyone. Elderly persons, in particular, can benefit from a massage treatment.  The elderly tend to have a lot of aches and pains in their joints, muscles, and bones.  

So, a massage chair can provide a deep tissue massage with additional kneads for all areas of the body.  This can relieve a lot of stress and pain in seniors.

Also, massage seat cushions help make it more comfortable for the elderly.  These cushions can be adjusted to fit their bodies.  This is very important because they cannot get the same level of comfort in a standard massage chair.

Finally, the elderly would benefit from a quality massage chair that can help them relax and feel better.

A final word of advice

Following the information above, you have now learned about the disadvantages of the massage chair.

So if you want a great massage experience, make an informed decision before you buy your massage chair. Make sure you research the massage chair before you purchase it to find the one that fits your needs and demands.


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